Before you re-enrol

Fee payment

If you are a re-enrolling student, you will be sent an invoice in Week 10 of the semester for the next semester’s fees. Your fees will be due one week before Welcome Week.

Subject choices and outlines

The subjects available for each program are summarised in the Academic and English Student Handbook. You can also find outlines of your subjects in the Academic and English Student Handbook.

Minimum and maximum study load

The full-time study load for each program is detailed in the Academic and English Student Handbook. Full-time study load refers to the subjects you will study at a particular stage during your program. Note, if you need to repeat a subject from Stage 1 of your program, you may not be able to take all subjects in Stage 2 as this would be more than a full-time study load. See your Study Success Adviser for advice.

If you are an international student, it is a requirement of your student visa that you undertake a full-time study load, as set out by the Department of Home Affairs. Additionally, if you are a UTS Foundation Studies student, you are also required to undertake a full-time study load.

If you are a domestic diploma student, you are allowed to enrol part time as long as you can complete your program in the timeframe described in the Academic Course Progression and Completion Policy.

As a general rule, you may not enrol in more than the standard number of subjects at each stage of your program, as detailed in the Academic and English Student Handbook​. However, you may exceed the number of subjects if you are in the last stage of study and only need one subject to complete your diploma. You will require approval from your Study Success Adviser. Apply by contacting the Student Centre at no later than Monday of Week 1.


You are not allowed to enrol in a subject without first successfully completing the pre-requisite(s). In some circumstances, you may be allowed to enrol with the permission of the Program Manager.

How to apply for exemptions/RPL

If you are seeking an exemption from subjects at UTS College on the basis of an equivalent level of study at a previous institution, contact the Student Centre at You are required to apply for exemptions no later than Friday of Week 1 and provide evidence of your prior learning.

Exemption Application Form

When to re-enrol

Diploma students

Please visit the  Important Dates page for detailsand complete re-enrolment by the Friday of Welcome Week. Note, this can change and you need to check the dates for that year. Visit the Important Dates page for details.

UTS Foundation Studies students

If you are a re-enrolling UTS Foundation Studies students you can enrol into your subjects including elective subjects create class timetable during the re-enrolment days. 

How to re-enrol

Please check your UTS email account for information on:

  • How to re-enrol online
  • What to do before re-enrolment
  • When to re-enrol.

If you are a re-enrolling diploma student, you will need to enrol online. Watch the how to enrol videos below and go to eStudent. You can also visit our How to enrol on eStudent.

How-to videos


You can check your class timetable on eStudent. Please note, UTS College may change your timetable, especially during the first three weeks of the semester. You will need to check your UTS email account regularly for any timetable changes.

Last date to change your classes

If you need to change a class time, you can do this on Thursday of Welcome Week. You will need a compassionate or serious reason to change. To complete a request download a copy of the Academic Timetable Change Request Form, read the terms and conditions, complete it electronically and email it to

You will also need to provide supporting documents, such as letter from your employer for a work-related change, or a letter from a doctor regarding a health issue. Your application to change your timetable can be rejected if your form is incomplete and/or you do not provide the required supporting documents. The Enrolment Team will advise you of the outcome via your student email within 2 business days.

Where to get help with re-enrolment

For further assistance with your re-enrolment and class registration, please refer to the following contacts: