On successfully completing your English programs, you will have the skills and confidence to progress to UTS Foundation Studies, diploma, graduate certificate and/or UTS.

With the highest level of English, you can expect to be well prepared for your future university studies.

   You’ll find information about starting at UTS on the Articulation to UTS page and 'Starting at UTS'.

Moving to Diploma or UTS Foundation Studies

There are two main considerations when moving into an academic program:

  • Your results – different levels of academic study require different levels of Academic English
  • Timing – there will only be a short amount of time between receiving your English results and beginning your academic program.

Admission into UTS Foundation Studies, a diploma or graduate certificate at UTS College requires you to successfully complete Academic English. To support your transition to the next phase of your study, UTS College runs the following Essential Information Sessions:

Progressing to studying UTS College academic programs:

  • AE3 students articulating into the UTS Foundation Studies.
  • AE4 students articulating into the UTS College diploma or graduate certificate (standard mode).

Articulating to UTS and an undergraduate or master’s degree

  • AE5 students articulating directly to graduate certificate (accelerated mode) and UTS (undergraduate and masters programs).

What if I can’t make Welcome Week because I’m completing my Academic English level?

If your Academic English level is due to be completed in Block 1 or Block 4 (see Academic Calendar page), Week 10 of your program will be at the same time as Welcome Week for Academic programs. You can attend an essential information transition session from ELP to your relevant Academic program, below.

From Academic English to UTS Foundation Studies

Academic English level (AEL) 3 students, who are about to start UTS Foundation Studies at UTS College are invited to attend the Academic Essential Information Session. During this session, we’ll discuss your enrolment and the many study success programs available to

Date: TBC
Time: TBC

From Academic English to diploma

AEL4, AEL3 students who are about to start the Diploma program at UTS College are invited to attend the Academic Essential Information Session.

AEL3 moving to Diploma (Extended) and AEL4 moving to Diploma (Standard and Accelerated).

Date: TBC
Time: TBC

From Academic English to graduate certificate

Students who are about to start a graduate certificate at UTS College are invited to attend the Academic Essential Information Session. During this session, we’ll discuss your enrolment and the study success programs available to help you.

Date: TBC
Time: TBC

Helping you manage the transition

Attending an Essential Information Session in Week 3 will help you transition from English programs to academic study. It will help you prepare for the next stage of your study journey.

Sessions cover:

  • your future program structure
  • choosing subjects (if your program allows for this)
  • applying for credit from previous studies
  • enrolling
  • important dates.

Your Student Success Advisers will share details of how to register for the next Essential Information Session, including date, time and venue. After you register for a session, you’ll receive an email invitation based on the program you’ve been accepted into.

Your Offer

If you are an international student, you may already have an offer as part of your original offer to study at UTS College. If this applies to you, then it is time to enrol.

If you have applied more recently, either as a domestic student or an international student, you will need to receive your offer before taking the next steps.

Accept or defer your offer

As soon as you have your official offer, you need to either accept it or defer so you can start studying later. You’ll find instructions in your offer letter.

Academic enrolment date/process

Find out about enrolling into your academic programs, enrolment dates, how to enrol, study loads, recognition of prior learning, prerequisites and corequisites.

Attend Welcome Week

Welcome Week activities are carefully crafted to set you up for academic success. Attendance is mandatory. It’s your chance to learn all the important things about your program, meet your teachers, complete academic and wellbeing activities, get familiar with your academic program and what you’ll learn. You’ll meet fellow students – many also new to UTS College – and find out where everything is on campus. You can also join a range of fun activities to help you settle in and make make friends.

How is academic study different to Academic English?

Academic programs are delivered in stages, by semester, and have a standard number of subjects in each stage. You can study by extended, standard or accelerated mode.

UTS College academic programs focus on a specific discipline over the semesters in an academic year. It’s important to familiarise yourself with your program’s key dates.

During your Academic English studies, UTS College provides extensive support. When you study academic programs, you’re expected to work more independently and use available resources, such as HELPS and library services.

Moving to UTS

   You’ll find information about starting at UTS on the Articulation to UTS page and 'Starting at UTS'.

It is okay to ask for help

You’re welcome to book time with a Student Success Adviser for help with any questions about your study plan or any changes to your circumstances or plans