English Language Program (ELP) assessment

Examinations are online at Canvas, and conducted on campus in a classroom, unless your teacher tells you otherwise. Final examinations take place on Monday and/or Wednesday of Week 10 of each study block. You’ll be notified of the exact schedule of examinations during the block.  

What to expect in an exam

You’ll receive information about specific assessment tasks in your first class. You are assessed in:  

  • Writing 

  • Reading 

  • Speaking 

  • Listening.  

Assessments include the following elements:  

  • Written assignments including essays 

  • Reports and case study analyses 

  • Oral and written presentations of project work 

  • Tutorial and homework exercises 

  • Class participation 

  • Final examinations. 

To pass the overall program, it’s essential to pass the final examination and pass writing (assignment and writing examination). 

If you’re an Academic English (AE) student, you must: 

  • Complete the writing portfolio tasks 

  • Complete all assessment tasks 

  • Pass writing (receive an aggregate of assignment and examination results) 

  • Receive a combined pass grade for the program. 

When are your grades released?

Your final examination results will be available on Friday of week 10. You’ll receive ‘letter grades’ for your final result, rather than a percentage mark. The scale is: 

  • HD – High Distinction, which is the top grade 

  • D – Distinction 

  • C – Credit 

  • P – Pass 

  • F – which is a Fail. 

Exam and assessment marking

An independent teacher – not your class teacher – marks all final written examinations. If you fail an examination or a written assignment, a second teacher will re-mark it. For consistency in grading, all failed assessments are re-marked. 

What to do if you fail

  If you fail a subject, talk to your Student Success Advisers about your options.

Who to talk to about progress or results

Satisfactory progression through your program is not only a UTS College requirement, but also an Australian Government regulation for international students. 

If you appear to be ‘at risk’ of not meeting program requirements, you’ll be notified and offered counselling and assistance to help you make satisfactory progress. 

If you’re not meeting academic progress expectations, you will be placed on Academic Caution and contacted by Student Success Advisers who will offer you additional support. 

  If you have any questions about your progress, please contact you Student Success Advisers.