Our CareerSmart program offers on-campus and online career education and development support designed to assist you to acheive your professional goals. These specialised services, including practical workshops, events, resources, and one-to-one professional guidance, help empower you to develop essential job-ready skills and the confidence for a prosperous start to your career. Download the FAQs

Career quiz

Discover your ideal career path with an interactive career quiz as a great starting point to explore exciting possibilities tailored to you.



Online career resources

Our on-demand resources in Canvas offer a range of tools and guidance to help you navigate and make knowledgeable choices for your career path. All enrolled students can access our CareerSmart resources in Canvas Courses from Semester 2, 2024.


Practical skills workshops run for the first six weeks of every semester to support and develop your employability skills, and include practise interviews, resume and cover letter writing, how to job search, how to answer selection criteria, and career counselling and advice. You can register to attend the on-campus workshops, commencing in Semester 2, 2024 via Canvas Courses.

Student leadership opportunities

Opportunities offered by UTS College

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Peer helpers (in class)
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Representatives Group
  • Volunteering as a TalkCampus Buddy

Visit the Getting involved page to find out more.

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Resources for part-time and casual employment

Students, including those on student visas, have the same workplace rights as all other workers in Australia. The Fair Work Ombudsman provides free advice and support to all workers helping you understand your rights including pay and conditions, visa matters (if you are an international student) and help with workplace issues that might arise.

More information about the Fair Work Ombudsman is available to international students - visa holders and migrants and domestic students - young workers and students.

Further information about student visa can be found under Department of Home Affairs.

Employment entitlements

Before you start a new job, make sure you are aware of the your rights and responsibilities.


Job search websites


A guide to starting a new job

Fair Work Ombudsman is a reliable and useful source if you are preparing to start your first part-time job in Australia. The 'Guide to Starting a New Job' includes valuable tips and links to more information making you job-ready.

Employment resources for international students