We hope that each and every student has an enjoyable, rewarding and stress-free study experience, but we know things in life don’t always go to plan.

When things go wrong and you need help, contact our support services – whether your problem is about safety, managing study or you’re just struggling to connect to the wifi.

Browse the topics below to find information related to your problem.

If you are still not sure where to ask for help, our Student Centre Team will be able to point you in the right direction.


In an emergency, call triple zero (000) stating who is required: Police, Fire or Ambulance

  • UTS College Campus Security: 02 9218 7090 (Ext. 7090) 8am -6:30pm (Monday to Friday)
  • UTS Security:  1800 249 559 (24 hours a day, seven days a week)

If there is a fire or emergency situation on campus, staff will guide you through the evacuation and emergency procedures

For ongoing updates on major emergencies, stay up-to-date via your student email, UTS emergency Twitter channel and UTS Facebook page and UTS College Facebook page.

More information about staying safe in Sydney.


  • Police Assistance Line: 131 444 (24-hour non-emergency assistance)
  • Victims Access Line: 1800 633 063 (24-hour support for victims of crime)
  • Crime Stoppers: 1800 633 063

Emergency counselling and mental health services

Academic support for your studies

Most students need support in their studies at some stage, whether it’s for advice on meeting deadlines, recovering from a fail grade, or whether they just don’t know where to begin with an assignment.

At UTS College we provide lots of upport to help you succeed in your academic studies. We offer free weekly Study Skills Workshops, Academic Coordinator consultations and 24/7 Online study support which will help you prepare for your assessments and exams. For extra help with maths, writing, and understanding assessment questions, please update to - Free 24/7 study support is available to all UTS College students through Studiosity. Access Studiosity through your Canvas account to get: Writing feedback on your essays and assignments within 24 hours, or One-to-one, personal help from a study specialist in real-time.

General study advice and assistance

We can provide you with the study tips, advice and tools to help you with:

  • avoiding academic misconduct (e.g. plagiarism)
  • improving your grades
  • what to do if you receive a fail grade
  • managing your workload
  • time management
  • subject choices
  • study planning
  • assignment preparation
  • essay writing
  • study skills.

Find information and tips for managing your studies on our Academic support page or contact our HELPS Centre to talk to one of our friendly Study Success Advisers.

Help with assignments, exam preparation and in-class activities

For specific questions about your subjects 
Ask your teachers and lecturers first. They understand what is needed to succeed in your subjects and can usually give the best advice about assignments and how to prepare for tests and exams.

For extra help with maths, writing, and understanding assessment questions

One-on-one study support from academic peer tutors is available. Make sure to bring a draft of your assessment to your tutoring session.

Book a tutoring appointment.

For help in class

Sometimes you will come across a peer helper in your class. They are fellow students who have volunteered to answer questions, clarify unfamiliar words and phrases, assist you to prepare for assessments and class activities, and help you understand what is expected of you in a subject. 

For when you still need more help

Email your academic coordinator or program manager to make a time to talk through your problem. 

Accidents, illness and first aid

In an emergency, call triple zero (000) stating who is required: Police, Fire or Ambulance

  • UTS College Campus Security: 02 9218 7090 (Ext. 7090) 8am -6:30pm (Monday to Friday)
  • UTS Security:  1800 249 559 (24 hours a day, seven days a week)

Immediate first aid

If you are ill or injured and you need urgent first aid, contact campus security, or find a first aid officer.

UTS Building 5


1800 249 559
Ext. 7090 / 02 9514 1192


Block C, Level 2, Room 032
1-59 Quay Street
Haymarket NSW 2000

Monday, Wednesday and
8:00am to 6:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday
8:00am to 10:00pm

8:00am to 4:00pm

609 Harris Street


(+61 ) 409 356 402
Ext. 7090 / 02 9218 7090


Ground Floor
609 Harris Street
Ultimo NSW 2007

Monday to Friday
8:00am to 6:00pm

645 Harris Street


(+61 ) 418 651 375 or
(+61 ) 416 215 828
Ext. 7090 / 02 9218 7090


Ground Floor
645 Harris Street
Ultimo NSW 2007

Monday to Friday
8:00am to 9:00pm

Accidents or illnesses that impact your studies

Accidents or illnesses can have a negative effect on your ability to complete assessments or exams. If you need to organise extensions or different exam times, you will need to contact one of our Study Success Advisers to request special consideration.

When an accident happens on campus

Report accidents or incidents to campus security as soon as possible – whether you are directly involved in one, or narrowly avoid one.

If you see a safety hazard or risk

Our campus is a safe environment. But if you see something that may cause harm to you or another person, move away from it, and tell a staff member or contact campus security.


Other useful information

General support

For any issues that are not related to your in-class work, the UTS College Student Centre is your first point of contact.  

Our friendly Student Centre Team can help you with a rang of issues including:

  • lost student cards
  • getting a copy of your transcript
  • changing programs or subjects
  • paying fees and late fees
  • where to go for more help
  • academic support.

Changing your program or withdrawing

Sometimes you might find that you didn’t choose the best program for you, or your circumstances change and you need to study something else or not study at all. 

While it’s important to get this sorted out as soon as possible, before making any changes to your enrolment it is essential that you discuss your problem with a Study Success Adviser

They will ask the right questions to understand your problem and work out your best options.  

Complaints and appeals

If you disagree with an academic or administrative decision made by UTS College, you have the right to appeal and ask for the decision to be reconsidered. 

If you believe you have been wrongly or unfairly treated by UTS College or UTS staff, you have the right to lodge a complaint. You can do this by emailing complaint@utscollege.edu.au.

Get advice on complaints and appeals from our Student Centre team.

Learn about the complaints and appeals processes.

Counselling and mental health

Stressful circumstances, and psychological and emotional issues can affect your health, your studies, your relationships … your whole life. When things get tough, it is usually best to talk about it with someone professional who can help.

Our Welfare Team and Study Success Advisers are here to help! Our Study Success Advisers can also give you advice on managing your studies.  Both teams are able to refer you to the UTS Health and Counselling service for any personal problems you might be having. 

Find out about mental health and counselling support for UTS College students. 

For emergency counselling and mental health service contacts, visit the Evacuation and emergencies procedures page. 

Finance and money matters

Having some financial difficulties? Don't worry, we're here to help!
UTS College student welfare provides a support service for students seeking guidance and advice on study-related finances. Student welfare may provide an one-off financial support grant to assist students who are experiencing genuine/urgent financial hardship.
Unpaid fees and fines can prevent you from re-enrolling in classes, and can have consequences for student visas (if you are an international student).
If you are having trouble paying for your studies, seek immediate advice from the Welfare Team at welfare@utscollege.edu.au 
UTS College & Medibank Financial Support Grant for Onshore International Student
Under the current Covid-19 pandemic, many students are going through a difficult time, so in partnership with Medibank, we are offering a COVID financial hardship support grant to onshore international students.  And you don’t have to hold your OSHC with Medibank.  
Grant Amount
Maximum 2 grants (each $500) will be approved per semester. The second application can only be submitted one month after the first application been approved.
1. Currently enrolled (and post your 1st session census date) in a course at UTS College
2. Currently living in Australia
3. Demonstrated low income:

  • Income of $900 or less per fortnight and inadequate reserves in savings to meet needs
  • Applicants above the $900 fortnightly income but within a close range of this amount can be considered on the basis of extenuating circumstances such as carer roles for dependents on their income, or other personal circumstances resulting in hardship. We ask you to provide supporting documentation to the extent that it is possible.
Supporting documents to prepare before starting the application form
  • Tell us about the circumstantial changes that are affecting you in a word document.
  • The most recent 90-days of income and outgoing transactions on your various bank accounts.
  • Bank account statements for all savings accounts and investment accounts you hold. These should be PDF documents with a letterhead. Screenshots of your accounts will not be accepted.
  • Documents that show upcoming financial responsibilities (for example extra-ordinary medical or specialist consultancy costs; bond and moving costs; text-books or digital access needs; utilities and every-day living costs should you require assistance for these and similar costs.)
What happens after application
  • You will receive an acknowledgement email after your application is submitted. It will take approximately one week to process your application. Peak periods may lead to minor delays. You will be notified by email on the outcome of your application.
  • Once your application has been approved, it will take approximately one week for your payment to be made. Please ensure you enter your Australian bank account details correctly, to avoid payment delays to your nominated bank account.
Important notice
  • If your application is unsuccessful, you can re-apply if your financial situation worsens.
  • There are limits on the number of vouchers that can be awarded to all students in a semester. You can’t apply if UTS College reached the limit on the number of vouchers that can be awarded in a semester.
  • If further clarification is required to assess your application, you may be asked for further details via the application email or asked to make an appointment with the Student Success Team member.
  • We expect all students to provide genuine, truthful evidence of financial hardship. Providing misleading information such as transferring funds to a hidden account is in breach of the Student Charter and will be dealt with accordingly. Such conduct is a very serious matter. It also increases the processing time of applications for all students and may delay the granting of funds to students in genuine need.

If you are eligible, please contact Welfare at welfare@utscollege.edu.au for an application form.

Fraud and Scams

Be aware of frauds and scams

Students should be aware that there are a number of common scams and attempts to obtain money fraudulently.

Contact by people trying to commit fraud may be attempted via telephone, social media or online.

To protect yourself:

  • Never send anyone money
  • Never isolate yourself from your family and friends – those committing fraud try to get you to follow their instructions and isolate you from others
  • If someone claims to be an official – such as from an Embassy, Consulate or the Australian Tax Office – contact UTS College for help immediately for help to verify if they are from the organisation claimed.

What to do if you are approached or concerned you may be scammed

  • Do not communicate with the person who is trying to get money from you or your family
  • Contact our Welfare Team immediately for assistance by emailing welfare@utscollege.edu.au 
  • If you are threatened or asked for money – contact the NSW Police Force on 000.

Virtual Kidnapping – Stay Alert

The NSW Police Force is warning Chinese students to be particularly careful of ‘virtual kidnapping’.  This is when criminals contact students and impersonate officials. They often contact the student by phone, tell the student they are in trouble and have to follow instructions to isolate themselves in a hotel and not contact anyone. This is so they can extort money from the student and their family.

If you are approached - seek help immediately from UTS College or the Police.

For more information, please read the media release issued by NSW Police, also translated in Chinese
You may also monitor Scam Watch

IT support and technical problems

If you have any problems with your UTS account, using campus computers and software, accessing our wi-fi or setting up your own device, follow our self-help guides or contact our ITDS Service Desk Portal.

Legal help

Sometimes you might need professional advice related to the legal system – perhaps if you receive a fine and you need to make an appeal, or if you’re involved in more serious situations related to the law.

Our Welfare Team can help you arrange an appointment. 

Find out about legal service and get legal help.

Lost property

Losing your belongings can be stressful, and we will do our best to help you find them. 

If you lose something on campus, or if you find a lost item, contact UTS College Campus security

If you have lost your student card, contact the Student Centre

Medical and health concerns

Need to see a doctor or get health advice? 

If you are sick and cannot attend classes, you will need to see a doctor and get a medical certificate (submit this at the Student Centre on your first day back to class). UTS College students can book a confidential appointment with the UTS Health service. For information on attendance and the submission of medical certificates please read our Attendance Policies and Procedures.

If being sick or injured prevents you from handing in assignments or attending exams, you will need to contact a Study Success Adviser to discuss special consideration. 

For everything else health related – including questions you have about your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) – visit our Health and wellbeing page.

Sexual assault and harassment

Everyone has the right to feel safe in and around campus, and everywhere else.

If you ever experience assault or harassment, on or off campus, and need urgent medical attention, please call emergency services on 000.

For immediate help on campus, call College Campus Security on 02 9218 7090, UTS Security on 1800 249 559 or contact our Welfare Team Leader on (+61 2) 411 306 495. Our Welfare Team Leader is available to you 24/7. 

Find out more

Student misconduct

UTS College guidelines, rules and policies help to make sure you receive a high-quality education and learn in a safe and respectful environment. 

The details are covered in both the UTS College Student Charter (PDF 639KB) and the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy

If you have breached these in your studies or your behaviour, you might be penalised for misconduct and you will need to seek immediate advice from a Study Success Adviser.  

Read more about policies and procedurespolicies and procedures for Academic integrity.

Other useful information on this page:
Your rights and responsibilities

Student visas

As an international student, you might have any concerns about your student visa conditions – like what happens if you get a job, change program or move house.

Find useful information and links to services on our Student visas page.

Suspicious behaviour

Keeping our UTS College community safe is something we take seriously, and everyone has a role to play. 

If you notice anyone behaving suspiciously on campus and have concerns for your safety or the safety of others, contact UTS College campus security.

In an emergency, call triple zero (000) stating who is required: Police, Fire or Ambulance

  • UTS College Campus Security: 02 9218 7090 (Ext. 7090) 8am -6:30pm (Monday to Friday)
  • UTS Security:  1800 249 559 (24 hours a day, seven days a week)

More information about staying safe in Sydney.

Your rights and responsibilities

Everyone in the UTS College community has the right to be in a safe and healthy environment, where every individual is treated with fairness and respect. So, we have a set of rules and policies in place to make sure this happens.

They’re like the “fine print” for how we do things, and we don’t expect you to read them all in detail. But when things go wrong, it can be helpful to refer to our Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy

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