Diploma assessment

At UTS College, our specialised curriculum focuses on collaboration and teamwork. This means you’ll often work on projects and assessments with a group. Your assessments will vary depending on your program, but could include:  

  • Group or individual presentations 

  • Formal examinations 

  • Practical reports 

  • Portfolios 

  • Weekly quizzes. 

Where to find your assessment tasks and exams?

Your subject materials and assessments are on Canvas, our Learning Management System. It’s also where you’ll submit assessments, complete group work, receive grades, receive feedback, and communicate with your teachers outside of class.  

Login to Canvas and enter your UTS email address and password. 

Getting help with assessments

Here are some of the ways you can get help with your assessments: 

  • Peer Helpers in class 

  • Peer Tutors 

  • Learning support workshops. 

 For more information about the Learning Support Program workshops and Peer Tutors, email AdvisersDiploma@utscollege.edu.au. Your Academic Coordinators are also available for weekly drop-in sessions and online help. 

Exam dates

General dates for tests, quizzes, final exams, result publication, appeals and final-stage supplementary exams are set ahead of time. You’ll receive an email with your exam timetable and details of your online exams before your examination period, on Monday of Week 8.  

Refer to the Academic Calendar information. 

Contact exams@utscollege.edu.au if you have any questions about your exam dates or exam timetable. 

Grades - grading guidelines, GPA calculation

Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average of all your grades in all subjects. Fail grades are included in the GPA calculation even if you subsequently repeat and pass that subject. 

GPA Table 

Diploma program GPAs are calculated using a 7-point GPA scale. 

Grade Grade Point (7 scale)
High Distinction 7
Distinction 6
Credit 5
Pass 4
Fail 0

GPA Formula and Calculation

GPA = [Subject1 GP x CP) + (Subject2 GP x CP) + (SubjectN GP x CP)] / (Total CP enrolled)

  • Subject GP = the subject's grade point value as per above table
  • CP = subject credit points.

  To find out more about GPA calculation, contact the Student Success Advisers or email: exams@utscollege.edu.au.

When will your grades be released?

  Your results will be released on the Semester Results Publication Date.

Who to talk to about progress

You’re expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress and complete your programs within the normal timeframe. UTS College requires satisfactory progression through your program. It’s also an Australian Government regulation for international students. 

If you’re struggling to meet academic progress expectations, you’ll be placed on Academic Caution. Your Student Success Advisers will contact you to offer additional support. 

What to do if you fail a subject

Failing a subject will affect your planned articulation to your degree studies. If this happens, contact your Student Success Advisers. They can talk to you about your options.

If you fail one final subject required for your diploma, you may be eligible for a Final Stage Supplementary Exam.