Your Study Plan - Program

On admission to UTS College, you were given a Study Plan. Your study plan is a map of the subjects that must be completed in order to qualify for your Program’s course award. The academic requirements are described in the UTS College Academic and English Student Handbook

Compulsory or ‘core’ subjects are stated in your Study Plan, and it may include lists of subjects from which a specified number of credit points must be selected. Some courses allow you to choose a specific learning pathway. A pathway may require you to choose one or more majors.

Your study plan is available at eStudent. Any choices, in the form of option selection or pathway specification, can be made online, although in some cases Program Manager approval is required. The point at which choices need to be made, and the extent to which choices are reversible, depends on the course.

As you progress with your studies and re-enrol to continue your program, your study plan is the subjects that you:

  • have completed (passed, exempt and credited),
  • are currently studying (enrolled)
  • still need to enrol in (planned).

After you have re-enrolled in subjects via eStudent, your subject activities will show in your Timetable.

Subject Materials

After you re-enrol in a subject, the supporting documents and materials which you use for the successful completion of your subject can be located at Canvas.

Subject Outline

When you have re-enrolled in a subject, you can access your subject outline via Canvas. Your subject outline will provide you with detailed information about assessment tasks, and other materials that will support you in your subject. You can find a general overview of your subjects in the UTS College Academic and English Student Handbook.

Any changes you decide to make to your program will have an impact on your Study Plan. For more information about changing your study plan, refer to Changing Programs and speak with a Student Success Adviser.