Our vision

To actualise potential and enhance lives through the power of learning, our actions and our people.

Our purpose

We are an established, international, commercial provider of higher education. Our purpose is to provide the best available opportunity for students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to attain their goals.

Our ethics

We share:

  • A professional commitment to excellence in the quality of our teaching, management and administration.
  • A practical commitment to the sustainability of our enterprise, to competing with vigour and commercial acumen.
  • A personal commitment to collaboration - with each other and in partnership with our principal stakeholders for mutual advantage.

We will achieve our purpose by consistently acting with:

  • Integrity: we will do what we say we will do, and be as we say we are. We will honour the spirit and not just the letter of our agreements. Our word is our bond.
  • Honesty: we will be open and candid in our dealings; playing an active role in enabling people to make well-informed decisions.
  • Courage: we will do what is right - even when an easier option is available to us.
  • Compassion: we will care for those affected by the unintended consequences of our actions. And, we'll help them develop and apply a principled and effective response to the challenges they face.
  • Respect: we will acknowledge the intrinsic dignity of all, and encourage a diversity of people and ideas to enrich the organisation as a whole.
  • Imagination: we will be curious and inquisitive to remain at the forefront of innovation in our sector.