Getting involved at UTS College is all about making a difference. By volunteering your time and abilities, you will be helping other students and the community, and building skills that you’ll use for the rest of your life. 

By giving a little, you will get so much more out of your student experience.

Student helpers

Be part of the campus buzz as a UTS College Student Helper. 

Student Helpers are made up of local and international students who volunteer their time to help out new students by answering questions during and before Welcome Week (your orientation and academic preparation).

You will also have opportunities to assist at various events held by the Student Activities Club.

There are also some great perks to being a Student Helper, including:

  • professional training 
  • invitations to special events
  • certificates and references 
  • experience to add to your resume
  • networking advantages 
  • the sought-after, official Student Helper red T-shirt!

Your experience could also lead to casual employment when roles become available.

How to apply

Email us and let us know you are interested! 

In-class peer helpers

As an in-class peer helper, you will develop great mentoring and leadership skills, and make friends at the same time. 

In-class peer helpers provide assistance for their fellow students, helping to answer questions and offer general study support in the classroom.

What is involved? 

You will be called on to provide extra help to fellow students in one or more of your classes, with responsibilities including:

  • answering questions
  • clarifying unfamiliar words and phrases
  • giving fellow students advice to prepare for assessments and class activities
  • helping students understand what is expected of them in a subject.

As a peer helper, you might also become part of the International Student Mentoring Program.

How to apply

Peer helpers are nominated by their teachers, so there is no need to apply. 

International Student Mentoring Program

Buddy up with new international students and help them out with study advice, settling into life in Sydney, understanding Australian culture and making new friends.

What’s involved? 

As a senior student mentor, you will be matched with a group of brand new international students (buddies), and meet regularly with them during the semester. 

When you meet is mainly up to you. You will get to arrange regular online meetings with your buddies – maybe once a week for two hours – at a time that fits in with your study schedule, and complete a weekly activity record after each meeting. 

You will help your buddies by:

  • demonstrating appropriate behaviours 
  • creating learning experiences
  • focusing on the positives when facing challenges
  • encouraging your buddies to build their self-esteem and confidence
  • directing them to the appropriate services and support when they need it.

Being a mentor is a fantastic opportunity to build your skills, abilities and experience too. Benefits for mentors include:

  • specialist mentor training
  • improved communication skills
  • greater self-esteem and empathy
  • advanced conflict resolution skills
  • excellent organisational skills
  • further leadership experience.

How to apply

There is no need to apply for this mentoring program. 

If you already have experience as an in-class peer helper and you have already completed a UTS College program, you may be invited to take part by one of our Study Success Advisers.  

For more information contact

Zoe Wang 
Study Success Adviser Team Leader 

Student ambassadors

The UTS College Student Ambassador Program is your time to shine. 

As a Student Ambassador, you will represent UTS College on the world stage, sharing your experiences on social media and offering unique insights into what student life in Sydney is all about. 

It is an incredible opportunity to get professional training, build your skills and your CV, make global connections, explore Sydney, and do it all while helping the next generation of students make decisions that will shape their future. 

There is also a chance to win a $5,000 career package, including a two-week internship.

The program runs from April until December each year. 

Find out more about becoming a Student Ambassador.