Student feedback is important to us at UTS College

We consider our students as partners in creating the best possible student experience. Your feedback on your experience at the College, helps us to shape the future. 
Please see below for how your feedback has initiated positive change for all students at the College. 
In 2023 you gave us  
over 12000 points of  
feedback on your  
student experience  

via our student surveys!  

We put experienced peers in your classes to assist you with preparing for your assessments. 

We embedded more English Language and academic skills support into your curriculum, so you can develop your academic ability without having to seek assistance outside of your course. 

We redesigned our curriculum, so you have access to self-paced learning and resources 24/7 

These self-paced activities help prepare you for every tutorial, so you are ready to collaborate with your peers in each class and actively engage in your learning. 

We designed our courses to be based on peer collaboration. We scaffold activities before and in between tutorials to prepare you for collaborative discussions, brainstorming, mind mapping and creating in class with your peers. 

This format of week-to-week learning supports you to become independent, active learners. 

We provide relevant and useful technology so you can share work and feedback and collaborate with other students. 

We implemented a new assessment policy and guide focused on forward feedback, so you can receive better, more timely feedback, focused on the support you need. 

We structured our courses so they have a consistent layout of course modules, so you know what to expect in every subject. The course is more student centred and contains a lot of reflective tasks to help you consolidate all of the knowledge and skills you are learning. 

We developed procedures to continuously improve our curriculum based on your feedback. 

Our coordinators gain the assistance of experienced learning designers to assist in designing meaningful interactive activities. 

We created a student representative group to meet regularly with us and to represent the student voice on our education committees, boards and in program teams. We therefore get to partner with students in academic governance decisions and gain firsthand feedback on the student experience. 

We developed a student centred graduate certificate for our teaching staff. This course helps support our teachers to design and facilitate student centred learning, where your experience is at the heart of everything we do and your learning is well structured, aligned to specific discipline outcomes and sets you up for success at UTS. 

We aligned our student support area so you can access all the help you need in one place. 

We changed the way we deliver our support. Now all Student Success Advisers are responsible for academic support, welfare and wellbeing support so the Adviser you speak with can help you with everything you need, so you have a more seamless experience. 

We created more specialised and comprehensive support for students under 18. We now have dedicated under 18 Student Success Advisers who assist with pre arrival accommodation support, a specific orientation program, welfare checks during semester, mid semester events and access to our international peer mentoring. We also provide welfare progress reports for your parents. 

We created a Peer mentoring program for all Academic and under 18-year-olds, which offers you support from the moment you start your course with us. This includes wellbeing and life skills programs as well as mentoring. Every Academic student has the opportunity to sign up and get a mentor from week 1. 

We are also developing a new career advising program. We have started mentoring some foundation students to have a formal course counselling program.  

We now plan your timetable using a student-centric design. We consider, your number of days on campus, your travel time between buildings, we’ve added a common lunch hour so that you can socialise with other students and have considered other study factors

What that means for you is your classes will be clustered per stage so classes are not spread out in the week and you get to spend time together with your peers in class and during lunch. 

We created a student commons in building 5, which consists of the HELPS Centre, Student Centre, Student Success Advisers, ITDS Service Desk so you have a more seamless experience when you need help. 

We are currently reviewing our processes between Student Centre, Student admissions and timetable to ensure that we are delivering the most efficient service to you through our systems and internal processes. 

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