The completion of your program is accomplished when you successfully satisfy the assessment requirements of that program.

Depending on the UTS College program that you are completing, you may move to the next program, or complete your studies with the College and/or articulate to your chosen degree at UTS.

Here’s what you can expect on completing your program, and how we can help you either prepare for your next UTS College program or your articulation to UTS:


   You’ll find more about moving from one program to another at UTS College, on the re-enrolment page.

Academic Records: Testamurs, Certificates and Transcripts

After you successfully complete your program, you’ll receive your Academic Record when results have been released.

UTS College program awards:

  • If you’re studying a Diploma or Graduate Certificate at UTS College, you’ll be awarded a testamur and transcript. ‘Testamur’ is the official name of your diploma certificate. It includes your name, date, and the title of the program you’ve completed – for example, ‘Diploma of Business’. Your Transcript will list the subjects you’ve completed and the grades you achieved.
  • If you’re studying UTS Foundation Studies, you’ll receive a copy of your certificate after you’ve successfully completed the program and your results have been released. The certificate will contain your name, the date and program title. Your transcript will list the subjects you’ve completed and the grades you achieved.
  • If you’re an English language student, you’ll receive your Certificate of Satisfactory Completion after you’ve successfully completed the program and/or at the English Language Program Completion Celebration. Your transcript will list the grades you achieved.

Academic Records – Digital copies awarded

You’ll receive your academic record via My eQuals, Australia and New Zealand’s official tertiary credentials platform, when you successfully complete your program. Your testamur (certificate) and academic transcript will be issued in a secure environment where you can view and share your credentials.

You’ll receive an email at the personal email account you supplied when registering for your program. It will ask you to create your My eQuals account to access your academic record. Your qualification is easy to share and verify by verification agencies, recruitment professionals and employers.

How to access your academic statements via My eQuals

Follow these steps to set up your My eQuals account.
  1. You’ll receive an email with a unique link after you’ve been awarded your credentials. The email will be sent to the email address you used when you were admitted to UTS College.
  2. Authenticate your email address by clicking the link to create your My eQuals account.
  3. When you first log in, you’ll be prompted to update your email address to include additional email addresses and social media accounts.
  4. Your account is now ready to access your verified credentials.
  5. Share your achievements on social media, especially LinkedIn, to catch the attention of potential employers!

Frequently asked questions

Credentials are available after your final marks are confirmed and awarded as follows:
  • Diploma and UTS Foundation Studies (Sydney campus) – two weeks after the results release date for each semester
  • English Language Programs (Sydney and international campuses) – one week after results released (Friday).

  • Transnational education partners – two weeks after the results release date for each semester
To set up your My eQuals account, use the email address you used when you were admitted to UTS College. You then have the option to change your email address. Just make sure these are verified by My eQuals.
Notifications will only be sent to the primary email address set up in My eQuals.
You can use the same password for all email addresses verified with My eQuals.
Your original credential is provided at no cost.
If you need your credentialre-issued, please contact the Student Centre.
When you view your credentials in My eQuals, click on the blue ‘Share’ button. The preferred way to share is via email or by creating a secure link for your credential.  The recipient can then securely access your document and identify UTS College as the awarding institution.

You can also share your credentials with a registered organisation who may be setup on the platform.

Yes, you can create a PIN or expiration date to control who has access to your shared documents and for how long.
Visit ‘Help’ or ‘Take a tour’ in your My eQuals account.**

This feature is only available once you have registered for My eQuals.