What are Special Exams and who are they for?

If you can’t attend your final exam due to illness, accident, or religious commitment, you may be eligible for a special exam. 

If serious illness or if a traumatic incident has affected your performance in an assessment or exam, you can apply for special consideration

Please note that misreading or misunderstanding the exam timetable isn’t an acceptable reason for missing your exam and won’t be eligible for a special exam. 

How to apply

 Use the online Request for special exam form and complete all sections. This form only available between week 11 and week 13 each semester You’ll also need to supply the following types of documents to support your application: 

  • If you were ill – a medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner, psychologist, or counsellor 

  • If religious commitments prevent you from attending – a support document from a minister of religion 

  • If the circumstances were beyond your control, for example car accident – clear documents that explain the situation, such as a police report. 


If you’re requesting a special exam due to illness you must see a registered medical practitioner, psychologist or counsellor and obtain a medical certificate. This needs to be on the day of your exam. If you can’t get an appointment that day, please ask the practitioner to indicate this on the certificate. 

If you don’t wish to disclose details of illness or circumstances on this form, ask a Student Success Adviser to keep the documentation in a confidential file. You can then submit your request form by emailing to exams@utscollege.edu.au together with all your supporting documents. Applications will only be accepted if the completed form and supporting documents are submitted together.  

Deadline to apply

Please submit your Request for Special Exam form and supporting documents within the timeframe shown.

Missed Exam Submit application by
Monday Wednesday 5pm
Tuesday Thursday 5pm
Wednesday Friday 5pm
Thursday Following Monday noon (Tuesday Noon if Monday is public holiday)
Friday Following Monday noon (Tuesday Noon if Monday is public holiday)

The exams team will review your request and may contact you via your student email if they need further evidence to support your request. Submitting a Request for Special Exam form doesn’t guarantee you a special exam, and if you miss the special exam, no other exam arrangements will be made. You’ll be advised of the result of your application within a week. 

Special exam dates and results

Please check your UTS email account regularly after you submit your form for updates on your Special Exam timetable and results. 

Special arrangements for a disability

If you have a disability, learning need, or health issue, you should notify UTS College when you first apply – when applying on-line or completing the Domestic or International Application Form. You’ll also need to provide supporting documents, such as a medical certificate or counsellor’s letter.  

Your application will then be assessed and decisions on adjustments will be made to assist you with your studies and assessments. Your learning environment, learning resources, or facilities can be modified to remove any barriers so you can access learning and participate successfully in a program at UTS College. Reasonable adjustments may include: 

  • Lift pass to access all floors  

  • Special exam conditions 

  • Modification to assessment deadlines 

  • Use of alternative assessments 

  • Use of assistive resources and/or technologies 

  • Adapted program materials. 

 If you have problems after you enrol and need support, please contact your Student Success Adviser. They can see what further adjustments can assist you with your studies and assessments. 

Visit Access and Inclusion for more information. 

Who to contact for advice

  If you have any questions about special exams, please contact: exams@utscollege.edu.au.

  For more advice, you can contact the Student Success Advisers.