Welcome to the UTS College community, we can’t wait for you to join us for a quality education experience.

To get started you will need:

  • 8-digit Student ID Number (in your Letter of Offer)
  • Given and family names (names you have enrolled with)
  • Date of birth (dd/mm/yy)
  • Photo of your face.

Please check you have the minimum IT hardware needed to conduct your studies.

1. Checklist of things you need to do before you start at UTS College

Here is a checklist of things you need to do before you start at UTS College. Completing these will get you off to a smooth start and set you up for success. 

1. Activate your UTS email account

Activate your UTS email account. You will need to check it regularly as UTS College will use this email inbox to communicate with you. 

2. Upload photo for student card

CaptureME is used by all new students to submit a photo for their first UTS College Student Card. You can upload your photo using a computer, tablet or smart phone.

3. Update your contact details in eStudent

Use our step by step instructions. When you’re happy to begin, log in to eStudent.
Note: if you are under 18, we will do this for you.

4. Download Microsoft Office on your personal device 

You will need Microsoft Office to work on your assignments throughout your program. Use our step-by-step instructions

5. Login into Canvas and download the App

This is where you access your program material and how your teachers will contact you. Search 'UTS College - Students' under your school's name and use our step by step instructions to get started. Download the app for IOS or Android.

Step by Step instructions

You can easily access all how-to videos and guides here.

2. Find out what to expect at UTS College and how things work

Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is our Learning Management System for UTS Foundation Studies, diploma and graduate certificate programs. It is where you will find all your subject materials including assessments and announcements. It is also the place where you will submit assessments, complete group work, receive grades, feedback and communicate with your teachers outside of class.

Canvas will send you notifications by email or text for anything relating to your program including when:

  • an assignment is due
  • you have received a grade and feedback from your teacher
  • your teacher has made an announcement
  • somebody has responded to your discussion post.

For instructions on how to use Canvas, visit the Canvas student guide


UTS College bridges your previous studies and the world of Australian university academics. At UTS College, our focus is to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed.

We combine face-to-face teaching with highly personalised support and keep class sizes small to give you the one-on-one attention you need to create a better learning environment. Our lectures vary in size between 20-100 students – a much more intimate size than a standard university class which can have up to 500 students. Tutorials have a maximum of 20 students per class, so you will be able to ask questions, participate in discussions, and get to know your teachers.


Stay connected in the UTS College computer laboratories, equipped with more than 600 computers designated for diploma students and more than 100 for English language students. High-speed wireless internet can be found throughout the UTS College campus.

We know your study schedule can get busy. That’s why we have created designated social spaces for you to kick off your shoes, take a break, and catch up with friends over a cuppa (the Australian way of saying ‘a cup of coffee or tea’). You can find a space to chill out with your headphones on, or enjoy a quiet space to study, research and do group work in one of the many lounges located throughout campus.

Key contacts 

Here, you will not be treated as just a student number in a sea of students. Your success is important to us, and we are invested in your progress, both personally and academically.

Whether you are currently enrolled or an interested applicant, the UTS College Student Centre is available to help with any student queries.

The Student Centre can assist you with all matters related to your studies at UTS College:

  • administrative issues such as course information, payments, student cards and class attendance, medical certificate submission, updating address and contact detail for Under18 students
  • visa concerns
  • academic, personal and social issues
  • accommodation advice.

Our Student Centre is available to support you. You can contact our Student Centre via email at studentcentre@utscollege.edu.au or phone on (+61 2) 9218 8666.

Our Learning Support Program, one-on-one tutorials, study skills workshops, and full-time Study Success Advisers are also available to provide support to suit your needs.

3. Download the Handbook

4. Prepare for your program

Log into Canvas and complete some Canvas activities to help you prepare for your program.

5. Who's who at UTS College

Meet key staff from Education, English Language Teaching and support services.

You can login to Canvas to see contact details for all these UTS College staff members.

6. How to enrol

Find out about what you need to do before you enrol, watch the how to enrol videos below, learn about study loads, recognition of prior learning, pre-requisites and co-requisites.

How-to videos

7. Information about living in Sydney

If it will be your first time in Sydney, find out more about living in Australia’s largest city. The main UTS College campus is located in Sydney's CBD and it's only a short stroll to UTS, major transport options and successful and innovative companies.

8. Who to contact for help

For further assistance, please refer to the following contacts:

  • Fee information

Email: studentcentre@utscollege.edu.au

  • Any problems with enrolment

Email: enrolment@utscollege.edu.au

  • Advice on which electives to choose

Diploma students, email: AdvisersDiploma@utscollege.edu.au
UTS Foundation Studies students, email: AdvisersFoundation@utscollege.edu.au

  • Issues accessing eStudent or webmail

Please log a support request via the ITDS Service Desk portal or dial +61 2 9218 7000 – include your name, student identification and a screenshot of the problem.

If you are an international student and your attendance drops below 80%, UTS College is required to advise the Department of Home Affairs. This could result in the cancellation of your visa. Personal reasons such as weddings, holidays, sports or hobbies are not acceptable reasons for missing classes. UTS College expects all students, international and domestic, to attend at least 80% of their classes.

It is also important that you arrive on time. Late students are marked absent. Lateness to class disrupts your studies and also your classmates. You cannot change your class without the permission of UTS College. Please note, UTS College may alter your class timetable. However, you will be notified of any changes via email.

If you are ever unable to attend classes due to serious circumstances, for example, you might be in hospital, have had an accident, been involved in a police matter or have faced a family crisis, you should contact the UTS College Student Centre on: (+61 2) 9218 8666 or email studentcentre@utscollege.edu.au.

If you are unable to speak to someone when you call, you should leave a message providing your name, your student number, a brief description of what has happened to prevent you from attending classes and a phone number for UTS College to contact you. Alternatively you can send an email providing the above detaisl also.

For emergencies after office hours (9am-5pm Monday to Friday) please contact UTS Security for assistance.

For international students, UTS College is required by law to have documentary evidence of the circumstances that prevented you from attending classes. This might be a statement from:

  • a hospital
  • a police report
  • a report from a doctor
  • or in the case of a death in the family, a death certificate.

These documents are needed to show that your ability to study has been seriously affected if you need special consideration and to make sure that your student visa is not cancelled. The Study Success Advisers can help you with this.

This documentation must be provided to the Student Centre on the first day back after your absence. Please note, medical certificates must be issued by a registered medical provider such as hospitals, doctors, dentists (emergency appointments only), psychiatrists and psychologists. UTS College does not accept certificates from alternative medical practitioners such as herbal practitioners, acupuncturists, Chinese therapists, massage therapists, iridologists etc. The medical certificate must be an original (or a scanned copy if yoare providing evidence via email) and must state the provider number. The medical certificate must not be backdated. Medical Certificates purchased on-line are not acceptable.

After 20 weeks of continuous study English language students may apply for 5 weeks leave. Leave will be for one 5 week period and must coincide with the start of a 5 week English program term. Permission is not automatic, but must be requested.

Academic students can apply for deferral for one semester, but have to apply before Census day which is Friday of week 4 of each semester.

If you need to take leave from your studies, please see a Study Success Adviser for a leave application form. You must return the completed form to a Study Success Adviser two weeks before you wish to start your leave.

It is important that UTS College approves your leave. If you take leave without approval your name will appear on the class list and you will be marked absent for the period you are away. This will impact on your attendance, your visa and your fees. Scholarship holders will require written permission from their government before a leave application can be considered.

If you have decided to withdraw from your studies at UTS College, you should first speak to staff in the Student Centre or to a Study Success Adviser.

All students wishing to withdraw are subject to the UTS College terms and conditions contained in your offer letter. For further information, please contact the UTS College Student Centre.

In some situations international students may be required to return overseas after withdrawing. Where approval to withdraw is granted, UTS College is required to advise the Department of Home Affairs of this change in your enrolment status. Students on UTS package visas will need to contact the UTS International Office to alert them to this change in study plans. The UTS International office is located on level 2 of UTS Building 10.

International students are permitted to work in Australia, but only after the program has commenced. During the weeks you are studying, you are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours – every two weeks. When the program is not running, you are permitted to work unlimited hours.

Students, including those on student visas, have the same workplace rights as all other workers in Australia. The Fair Work Ombudsman provides free advice and support to all workers; helping you to understand your rights, including pay and conditions, visa matters and help with other workplace issues. More information about the Fair Work Ombudsman can be found at fairwork.gov.au.

UTS College recommends that you always record the hours you have worked in your part-time job. The Fair Work Ombudsman provides an application to assist you in doing this. For more information about the Record My Hours app please refer to fairwork.gov.au

UTS College takes your safety very seriously. At Orientation and Academic Preparation Week you would have been provided with a STAYSAFE card which gives you several contact phone numbers which can be used in emergencies or if you are concerned for your safety.

During Business hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm) you can report such incidents at the UTS College Student Centre, by ringing (+61 2) 9218 8666or by sending a report to studentcentre@utscollege.edu.au.

Any incident or allegation of sexual, physical or other abuse can also be reported to your Study Success Advisers. Any reports will be dealt with confidentially. Students under the age of 18 are strongly encouraged to seek support in such situations.

UTS College and UTS have security guards located in all of our buildings. After hours, when the UTS College campus is closed, you can reach us by phoning UTS Security on 1800 249 559.