Why do you need a Student ID card?

When you arrive at UTS College, you will be given a Student ID card. You are always required to carry this card. You may need it for access to UTS College and UTS facilities and events.

Your card will need a photo of you on it. Please read the Policy on Identity and Full Face Coverings for NSW Public Sector Agencies.

Please remember to sign your student ID card and do not let others borrow your card. If you have any questions regarding your student card, please raise this during Orientation and Academic Preparation Week. If you already have a student card, you can continue to use this card until you complete your program.

Your student card allows you to access to buildings across campus and facilities and support services.

You might be asked to produce your student ID card:

  • By your teachers
  • Security or administration staff
  • When borrowing from the UTS Library and printing
  • When entering exams.

This card will give you access to:

  • the UTS Counselling Service
  • other UTS services or facilities
  • UTS College HELPS Centre.

How to get an ID card

You will be given your student identification (ID) card during Orientation and Academic Preparation Week. You must carry this card with you at all times when attending UTS College.

How to get a replacement and the cost

If you lose student ID card, please contact the UTS College Student Centre at studentcentre@utscollege.edu.au, where a replacement card can be arranged for a cost of A$20.

Who to contact if you need help

For any further assistance please contact the Student Centre at studentcentre@utscollege.edu.au.

Transport concessions available to Australian residents

Domestic students are eligible for transport concessions with the Concession OPAL card.