Congratulations and welcome to UTS College! Now that you have successfully accepted your offer and you have been admitted into UTS College, your next step is to enrol in your course. This is where you select your subjects and create your timetable.

Note: enrolment vs re-enrolment

  • Enrolment is for new UTS College students and students progressing from an English Language program to academic program for the first time.
  • Re-enrolment is for continuing academic program students to select their subjects for the next semester.

Your enrolment / re-enrolment
You can manage your enrolment (or re-enrolment if you're a continuing student) through eStudent. This is our student administration system where we store your contact details, emergency information, student visa information (if you're an international student), your timetable, course results, fee payments, FEE-HELP records and more. This is important information about you, so it's also important you keep this information up-to-date.

Read the information below carefully to find out how you can manage your enrolment (or re-enrolment for continuing students). If you have any questions:

  • book a support session below where we can guide you through the enrolment process or
  • if you've attended an enrolment support session and still need help, contact our Enrolments team on

Important dates

  • eStudent enrolment opens Monday 13 February 2023 at 9am.  
  • eStudent enrolment closes Friday 24 February 2023 at 5pm. 

Semester 1 enrolment notice
If you are trying to enrol online in your Semester 1 subjects and finding that classes are full, please note that more classes will open during the week. Check eStudent regularly for updates.
Our team is here to support you as you start your journey with UTS College. If you are already enrolled in your subjects, but classes are noted as being full, we will finalise your timetable after online enrolment closed. You will be notified by email once your timetable is ready.
Questions? Please contact

How to enrol or re-enrol

Guide for new (enrolling) and continuing (re-enrolling) students:

  1. Log into eStudent with your Student ID and UTS password. 
  2. Make sure you have RingCentral on your device, this is where enrolment support sessions are held. Here’s a handy user guide.

  3. View our enrolment support session schedule below and join the session at the time that suits you

  4. When you select your subjects and set up your timetable in eStudent, you must select your correct class location which depends on the following:

    - If you are in Sydney from 24 February, you must choose classes that are available on campus in Building 5 (CB05C) or at Harris Street (HS). Your classes are identified with a building and room number e.g. on campus CB05C.01.011, on campus HS645.325. Watch the "How to Enrol" video for Live Online classes on YouTube or Youku.

    - If you are an international student not living in Sydney from 24 February, you must choose Live Online classes which are identified as 'Online RingCentral'. Watch the "How to Enrol" video for Live Online classes on YouTube or Youku.

    Please note if your travel arrangements change after 24 February 2023, you must contact our Admissions team on


Watch how to enrol or re-enrol

If you are in Sydney from 24 February, you must choose classes that are available on campus in Building 5 (CB05C) or at Harris Street (HS). Your classes are identified with a building and room number e.g. on campus CB05C.01.011, on campus HS645.325.
Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouKu
If you are an international student not living in Sydney from 24 February, you must choose Live Online classes which are identified as 'Online RingCentral'.
Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouKu

Support sessions for enrolment

During the enrolment period, support sessions are open to all students who need assistance with enrolling. Session availability is listed in the schedule, below.

Notice: Please join the online support session by using the RingCentral Application


RingCentral Meeting Link

10:00 - 11:00

Join session >>

11:30 - 12:30

Join session >>

13:30 - 14:30

Join session >>

15:00 - 16:00

Join session >>
16:00 - 17:00 Join session >>

Check out key dates for Semester 1, 2023.

Need help?

If you require further assistance please email

Contact us

We are moving! From 12 September 2022 the Student Centre, Study Success Advisers and ITDS will be located at:

UTS Building 5 (CB05), 1-59 Quay Street, Haymarket, Sydney.


(+61 2) 9218 8666


Address (up to 11 September 2022)

Ground Floor
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Monday to Friday (9 am – 5 pm)
except Public Holidays.

Frequently asked questions

Enrolment is when you select the subjects you wish to study in a semester. You will also create your study timetable. Enrolment occurs after you have accepted your offer and been admitted into UTS College.

  • "Enrolment" is the term used for new students enrolling for the first time.
  • "Re-enrolment" is the term used for returning students enrolling in their next semester of subjects

When you need to re-enrol depends on which type of program you are studying.

  • Diploma students: re-enrolment days vary each semester. Usually, you will be able to re-enrol during Welcome Week and up until Friday of Welcome Week.

  • UTS Foundation Studies students: re-enrol into your subjects including elective subjects and create your class Timetable during the re-enrolment days. 
  • New students and students studying English: you do not need to re-enrol. For more information about how your enrolment is managed, visit the English language program enrolment page or the Academic program enrolment page.

Make sure you read through re-enrolment information carefully and note important dates, as late enrolments will attract a fee. Please also note that your fees for the next semester must be paid before you can re-enrol.

Find out more about re-enrolment.

Visit the list of enrolment dates and other important dates.

For help with re-enrolment, students contact the Student Centre.

You can check your class timetable on eStudent

If you are a UTS Foundation Studies student, enrol through eStudent into your subjects including elective subjects and create your class Timetable during the re-enrolment days.

If you are English language program student, your timetable will be organised by UTS College and you will be sent a link to it via your UTS email.

If you are studying a diploma, you will create your timetable when you enrol.

In some circumstances, UTS College may need to change your timetable, especially during the first three weeks of the semester. We recommend that you check your UTS email account regularly for any important updates.

Find out more about classes and timetables.

You can log in to eStudent using your student ID and password.

You will find a link to eStudent under the ‘Staff and students’ menu on the footer of all UTS College webpages.

Or, visit (bookmark the page in your web browser for quick access later on).

You can only change your subjects if you are a UTS Foundation Studies student and you have ‘elective’ subjects as part of your program. You can change these in eStudent up until enrolment is closed, as long as there are still places available (for enrolment dates, visit Important dates).

All other students need to progress through the subjects listed in their program. This helps to ensure that you gain essential knowledge and skills before moving onto the next set of subjects.

If you want to change into a completely different program, it is best to discuss your options and next steps with a Study Success Adviser. You will need to submit an application to the Student Centre before Wednesday of the first study week. 

There are two weeks of holiday leave scheduled after each exam period and over the Christmas and New Year’s break in December. And while it’s not possible to take holiday leave during the semester, you may like to take a short break on public holidays (long weekends), when no classes are taught.

TIP: Need ideas on how to spend your holidays and weekends? Visit our list of top things to do in Sydney.

UTS Foundation Studies and diploma students will also have a two-week break between semesters. 

If you are an English language program student moving into UTS Foundation Studies or a diploma at UTS College, you may not have a standard holiday break between your English program and academic program, so make sure you are aware of processes and key dates during this time. 

Find out about moving from English programs into academic study.

Important dates during your study year.

If you need to arrange leave during the study period, this can have a serious impact your studies, and your student visa (if you are an international student). To learn about conditions and processes relating to leave, visit Deferring, withdrawing and taking leave.

Once you have successfully enrolled, you will be ready to join us for Welcome Week which includes an orientation of UTS College, your program overview, meeting your teachers and classmates, academic and wellbeing support workshops, social activities and more.

This is an important week and mandatory for students to attend. This is to make sure you are set up and ready to start your studies with us, so we recommend you check your Welcome Week schedule and plan your week well ahead of time. You'll find your Welcome Week schedule in the Published Courses section of Canvas.