Here’s all the information you need to complete your program and move to the next step including the support available for your transition. An overview of the key steps you need to take to complete a program and move on to the next one. The support that is available to help with your transition is also covered.


Due to current Covid-19 restrictions in Greater Sydney please refer to the Transcript & Testamur Flyer.

How do I get a copy of my transcript or completion certificate?

Testamur is the official name of your diploma certificate and includes your name, date and the title of the program you have successfully completed – for example, Diploma of Business. You will be awarded one free testamur when the results have been released, and you have completed the diploma program.

If you are studying UTS Foundation Studies, you will receive a free copy of your certificate once the results are released and you have completed the program. The certificate will contain your name, date and program title.

For English language students, you will receive your Certificate of Satisfactory Completion at the ELT Completion Celebration or at completion of your program.

Application for Academic Record

UTS College Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the completion of your studies with fellow students, family and friends. It is a formal event, held twice a year, in May and October for students who have completed UTS Foundation Studies or diploma studies.

If you have completed your English program, you will be invited to attend an ELT Completion Celebration. 

To find out more about our upcoming online graduations please visit our graduation page.

What if I don't pass my final exam?

You will have the opportunity to repeat subjects if you do not achieve the results needed to progress to your next phase of study. If you have questions about your results, please see a Study Success Adviser who can help you work through your options, assist with study plans and advise you on the support that’s available. Academic students may be able to sit Final Stage Supplementary exams.

When do I enrol in my next program?

Discover what you should do before enrolling in your English language program or academic program, program enrolment dates, how to enrol, study loads, transfer sessions, recognition of prior learning, prerequisites and co-requisites.

Who to contact for help?

For general information and advice, please contact the Student Centre on

For advice on your progress, contact your Study Success Advisers.

For advice on your graduation, please contact