Under 18 welfare and accommodation arrangements

Young people are welcome at UTS College. They bring unique points of view, strengths and ideas which add value to our institution, and they deserve to feel safe and protected at all times. Note that international students under 18 must reside in UTS College approved accommodation/welfare arrangements or accommodation approved by the Department of Home Affairs. 

Under 18 information guide

Download the Under 18 information guide (PDF)

Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW)

You can arrange a CAAW from UTS College covering your enrolment period until your 18th birthday. UTS College will provide a CAAW by ensuring that you use the services of an approved caregiver and ensuring you live in a UTS College approved accommodation option.

A CAAW letter is only available to under-18 students on, or intending to apply for, a Subclass 500 Student Visa. UTS College will not accept welfare responsibility for under-18 students on any other visa type.

Once a CAAW letter is issued, the student must not arrive in Australia before the start date on the CAAW letter. Arriving in Australia without appropriate welfare arrangements is a breach of the student’s visa conditions, which may lead to cancellation of their visa by the Department of Home Affairs.

Accommodation options for under 18 students

Living with a local family is a great way for you to experience life in Australia and practise your spoken English. All of our homestays have been specially chosen to ensure that you're provided with a safe and supportive home environment. Each home is within 45-60 minutes travelling time from the campus, in a variety of locations around Sydney. This is a fantastic opportunity to live like a local and have an authentic Australian lifestyle experience.

Why choose homestay
  • It's the perfect way to make new friends - many of our Homestay students stay in touch with their Australian host families long after they leave.
  • If you're learning English - it's a great way to practice your language skills every day in a fun, relaxed home environment.
  • Homestay students can experience what it's really like living with an Australian family. You can learn all about their family life and values, interact with people of different ages and share their culture and interests.
  • It's ideal for students who are under 18 years of age - so you have a family to look out for you while you're here.

Homestay provider price list:

Australian Homestay Network - https://www.homestaynetwork.org/sydney-pricing/
Global experience - https://globalexperience.com.au/our-price-list
Study Vision - www.studyvision.com.au/student-price-list-15oct2023/

Welfare arrangement for Under 18s

  • Homestay hosts and caregivers are responsible for the welfare of students who are under 18 years of age and staying with them.
  • The homestay provider will visit the home every 6 months, until a student turns 18. This is to follow up on a students’ wellbeing and to obtain feedback on their host and their general experience with their Homestay.
  • If you are under 18 years, you must comply with homestay rules, guidelines, regulations and legislation. Your curfew is 10pm Monday - Sundays, unless alternate arrangements have been agreed to with the UTS College student success team.
  • If you are under 18, you cannot sleep at another person's house or travel in Australia. If your parents are visiting and you wish to stay with your mother or father, you can apply to the student success team for a short stay with parents.
  • If you defer, suspend or cancel your enrolment, the Department of Home Affairs must be advised.
  • All students agree to our Homestay Terms and Conditions.
  • Note, all homestay hosts and other residents over 18, must hold a current Working with Children Check clearance.

How to book

  1. Review and complete Homestay terms and conditions
  2. Arrange accommodation directly with Australian Homestay Network (AHN)Global Experience (GE) or Study Vision.
  3. Arrange guardianship services with ISA. The contract should start at least 7-14 days before course commencement date.
  4. Students under 18 must arrange airport pickup with Homestay provider. 
  5. Send ISA contract, airport pickup booking confirmation and signed Homestay terms and conditions to UTS College accommodation@utscollege.edu.au.
  6. UTS college Student Success Team will assess the application. Once approved, a CAAW will be issued.

Feel free to contact AHN 1300 024 628, GE 02 9264 4022 or Study Vision 02 9669 5225 at any stage for booking enquires.

Checklist for CAAW

  • Homestay terms and conditions
  • AHN, GE or Study Vision homestay booking confirmation including airport pick up confirmation.
  • ISA contract
  • $450 welfare and accommodation administration fee

Homestay etiquette

In order to make your Homestay more enjoyable, please remember:
  • Abide by the rules of the family,
  • Be considerate and respectful towards the family and keep noise to a minimum after 8.30pm,
  • Allow the family to help you clean your room once a week,
  • Ask for permission before inviting friends to the Homestay,
  • Offer to help the family with light household duties,
  • Inform the family if you will be late for dinner,
  • Pay for any damage done to the family’s property,
  • Secure all valuables, money, passport and airline tickets in a safe place. Do not keep large amounts of cash,
  • Spend no longer than 10 minutes in the bathroom when showering and leave the bathroom tidy,
  • Pay for all telephone calls made on the family’s telephone before moving out of the Homestay,
  • Complete any homework tasks,
  • Remain in your UTS College approved Homestay until a move is approved,
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol in the house is not permitted,

Who to contact if there is a problem

Homestay hosts are bound by a Code of Conduct. UTS College takes any complaint of mistreatment by a Homestay host very seriously and will investigate immediately.
If you feel that your host has mistreated you, please contact the UTS College student success team as soon as possible. We are located in the Student Centre Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm, in Level 1, Block C, UTS Building 5 at 1-59 Quay Street, HaymarketFind out more

An appointment is not required. However, if you wish to make an appointment you can request one via email.
Alternatively, you can email accommodation@utscollege.edu.au 

Scape Darling Square and Scape Darling House

Scape is one of Australia’s largest providers of student accommodation. Each building is purpose-built featuring ultra-modern facilities including study areas, collaboration zones and social spaces to connect with friends. Providing all the comforts of home in a safe, community-style setting, Scape has everything you need at your fingertips. If it’s your first time living away from home, you can be confident you’re on track to a great student lifestyle experience while you study at UTS College.

Scape Darling Square 

Scape Darling Square is located just a short walk from the UTS College Building 5 and gives you the perfect combination of convenience and flexibility. You can explore the array of international flavours on your doorstep or make meal times a joint effort by cooking with students you’re sharing your apartment with or simply cook solo. 

Room types: 

  • Twin Share Room with ensuite in an eight-person apartment, 

  • Single Room with ensuite in a five-person apartment, or 

  • Large Studio with double bed. 

Scape Darling House 

Adjoining Darling Square, Scape Darling House takes your accommodation experience to the next level offering a fully-catered option. Every day the team of chefs at Scape Eats will freshly prepare your meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients and creating a variety of nutritionally-balanced meals that taste delicious are a priority. With coffee stations, freshly squeezed juices, ice-cream and yoghurt, the only decision you need to make is whether to dine in. 

Room types: 

  • Twin Share Room with ensuite, or 

  • Single Room with ensuite 

Both Scape Darling Square and Scape Darling House have the following features: 

  • Safe and secure with swipe card access and CCTV, 

  • 24/7 dedicated onsite team, 

  • Electricity and water included in your rent, 

  • Study/Conference rooms, 

  • Big screen TV and games room, 

  • Secure bike storage, 

  • Intelligently designed apartments that combine style and practicality, 

  • Paypass/card operated laundries, 

  • Modern gym, 

  • Rooftop courtyard with BBQ

To formally apply for the accommodation and receive a CAAW, please follow these steps.

To formally apply for the accommodation and receive a CAAW, please follow these steps:
1. Review and complete Student Residential terms and conditions.
2. Arrange accommodation with Scape.
3. Arrange guardianship services with ISA. The contract should start at least 7-14 days before course commencement date.
4. Students under 18 must have UTS College-approved transport arrangements. Please arrange airport pickup using one of the providers below:
Scape - by adding the pickup option in the portal during the accommodation booking above,or
Royale Limousine - by emailing Dispatcher@royalelimousines.com.au
Global Experience - by emailing accounts@globalexperience.com.au and make the payment.
5. Send signed contracts (for Scape and ISA), airport pickup confirmation, and signed student residential terms and conditions to UTS College accommodation@utscollege.edu.au.
6. UTS College Student Success Team will assess the application. Once approved, a CAAW will be issued.
You're welcome to contact the Scape team at any stage on (03) 9977 8088 or email enquiries to bookings@scape.com.au.

Checklist for CAAW

If an overseas student’s parent, legal custodian, or eligible relative wishes to care for them in Australia, they should apply to be the overseas student’s nominated guardian through the Department of Home Affairs.  A relative is defined as a parent, spouse, de facto partner, brother, sister, step-parent, step-brother, step-sister, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew, or a step-grandparent, step-aunt, step-uncle, step-niece or step-nephew.

If you are an overseas student under 18 and want to live with a close family friend or a family member that does not meet the definition of an eligible relative, your family friend or family member will need to apply to be a Special Host under UTS College Homestay arrangements.

Please follow below steps to apply for Special Host:
1. Review and complete Request for Special Host Arrangements, Special Host terms and conditions and Special Host code and conduct and send back to accommodation@utscollege.edu.au.
2. Arrange special host initial assessment directly with Australian Homestay Network(AHN).
3. Arrange guardianship services with ISA. The contract should start at least 7-14 days before course commencement date.
4. Send ISA contract to UTS College (accommodation@utscollege.edu.au).
5. Students under18 must arrange airport pickup with AHN.
6. AHN will invoice and organise the initial assessment with the nominated host and send the inspection report back to UTS College. UTS College Student Success Team will assess the application. Once approved, a CAAW will be issued.

Checklist for CAAW

Special Host Fee:

Accommodation and Welfare administration fee A$450 

Homestay Provider Fee:

Airport Pickup $160 ~ $220
Matching fee $310
Weekly Management fee $45 ~ $50 /week