Getting around Sydney

Sydney is huge but that doesn’t mean travelling around the CBD and its surrounding suburbs has to be complicated. Here’s your guide to understanding Sydney’s many transit options.

Types of transport

Trains and Light Rail

Sydney’s large train network heads in every direction from the Central Business District (CBD) where UTS College is located. Each line has plenty of stops in the CBD and outer suburbs, making it the most effective choice for getting around quickly and cheaply. Services operate from 4am to midnight on most lines. Plan your next trip and view timetables for trains and light rail services.


Buses are the sometimes the faster or more direct option for getting to many of Sydney’s metropolitan areas. They service the majority of Sydney and its outer suburbs nearly 24 hours a day – so there’s usually a stop nearby. Bus arrival times vary, usually between every 5-15 minutes at popular stops and up to an hour in the outer suburbs. Find out more.


Ferries cover nearly every area in and around Sydney Harbour. They are one of the most scenic ways to get around the city, and although tickets are a bit more expensive than trains and buses, they are well worth it for the sights. Get more information about the Harbour City Ferries.

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How to ride


To use Sydney public transportation, you need an Opal Card. It works a bit like a debit card. You can load money onto the card at a transportation station or authorised store like 7-Eleven to use on Sydney trains, buses, ferries and more. Order, top up, or report a lost Opal card here.

International students are generally not entitled to transport concessions in NSW unless study is fully funded by specified Australian Government scholarships. For more information see the NSW Transport website.

Get the TripView app

Make your trip easier and get real-time travel information for buses, trains, light rail and ferries on the TripView app. It helps take the headache out of trip planning by selecting the optimal mode of transportation option for your journey based on delays, vehicle locations and service interruptions.

Other ways around


If travelling alone, late at night, or if you’re just looking for a direct route without any interruption, try the ride-sharing app Uber. Just download the app on your smartphone, sign up, and set your pick-up point and drop-off destination.​


Taxis can be hailed kerbside or at any taxi rank throughout the city. They can also be booked directly through any of Sydney’s many private taxi companies. Like Uber, they’re a great option if you want a direct, private journey.

Head over to the City of Sydney’s comprehensive public transportation guide to figure out the best way to get around town.