Program fees for our English and academic programs

UTS College English Language Programs  
Academic English (AE) A$585 per week
UTS Foundation Studies  
Standard (2 semesters) A$30,000
Extended (3 semesters) A$43,000
UTS College diploma  
Standard (3 semesters) A$35,000
Accelerated (2 semesters) A$35,000
​Extended (4 semesters) A$44,000
UTS College graduate certificate
Accelerated courses (1 semester)
Technology Practice A$22,000
Accounting and Finance A$21,375
Communication A$18,000
UTS College graduate certificate
Standard courses (2 semesters)
Technology Practice A$23,500
Accounting and Finance A$23,500
Communication A$23,500

The above fees are based on no subject failures. Any subject that needs to be undertaken a second time will require payment of the relevant subject fee. Students will pay the fee that is current for the calendar year of study.

UTS College reserves the right to vary fees and/or course dates at any time. You should factor in the likelihood of an annual UTS College fee increase into your budget, which in recent years has averaged less than four per cent.


A UTS College academic package is comprised of either:

  • UTS Foundation Studies with a UTS College diploma, or
  • Academic English with any other academic program, including: UTS Foundation Studies, UTS College diploma, UTS College graduate certificate, a UTS undergraduate degree or a UTS postgraduate degree.

The advantages of a packaged program is that only one visa is required for the entire study period at UTS College and UTS and you will only need to pay one international student processing fee. Where a package includes English, no further external English test will be necessary before beginning your next course at UTS College or UTS.

Non-tuition fees

The international student processing fee -  A$250 is payable once, when an international student accepts their UTS College offer and is non-refundable.

Late enrolment fee - A$150

Late re-enrolment fee - A$150

Replacement testamur fee - A$50

Replacement transcript fee - A$20

Student card replacement fee - A$20