What will your classes look like at UTS College?

At UTS College, you'll get the best of both worlds, with a mix of classes on-campus and off-campus in real-time, Live Online. This not only keeps you safe during the pandemic, but also gives you more flexibility and time for your studies.

For your tutorials, practical classes or lab work, you'll either come to campus where you'll meet and interact with your teachers and fellow classmates in person while enjoying all that campus life has to offer, or if you're based overseas, continue to enjoy Live Online tutorials and classes. You'll combine this with additional guided and structured independent study and activities completed online. 

This mix of on-campus and off-campus learning gives you more flexibility with your studies and ultimately a better study/life balance.

Big in support, small in size

Face-to-face classes

During your face-to-face classes, you will be in a class of no more than 18 students. Fewer students means you will receive personalised support from your teachers, feel more comfortable to participate in class and encouraged to collaborate with others.

In the meantime, you will study the same content as first year UTS students while having the advantage of more tailored support to help you with your first year of studies outside of high school. It's a great way to transition smoothly between high school and university.

As the pathway to UTS, we also guarantee entry to UTS, with many diplomas allowing you to fast-track to the second year* of your UTS degree.

By keeping our classes small in size and offering ongoing support both in-person and online, we can provide you with a more personalised and effective learning experience so you'll be set up for success at UTS and beyond.

Life on campus

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Learning online in real-time

Real-time classes via Live Online

Live Online is much more than online learning: it’s your digital, connected campus - all delivered in real-time.

Unlike online learning which is usually self-directed at your own pace, the interactive Live Online classes at UTS College are taught in real-time with monitoring and feedback to students on performance.

To ensure you receive personal attention, tutorial sizes at UTS College are limited to small groups of no more than 20 students. Some Live Online classes are available for review later if you want to revisit some ideas and topics.

You’ll participate in small interactive groups, just like your face-to-face classes - so you get the personalised study experience whether you’re on-campus or studying from home. Here's what our students and teachers are saying about Live Online:

Study support outside of hours

24/7 study support and writing feedback service

As a UTS College student, you will have access to a full range of study support services both in-person and online. One such service is access to FREE study support, powered by Studiosity.

You can get feedback on your essay writing such as help with grammar, punctuation, structure and referencing. You can also connect live with a study specialist to get one-to-one personal help with your studies in real-time via an interactive online classroom.

Think of it as having your own tutor, only instead of one tutor, you'll have access to hundreds of specialists 24 hours, 7 days a week.

It's study support available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Anytime, anywhere study support

When I use Studiosity I get better marks, and that makes me more confident as a student.

Anytime, anywhere study support

Helpful feedback on written assignments
The feedback was really prompt...it just made a huge difference.

Helpful feedback on written assignments

Building your confidence with English
English is my second language...Studiosity is helping me with structure and language...I can know exactly what the problem is.

Building your confidence with English

A tip from one of our study specialists

My advice: remember you've got other people there on the web who can help you. Just don't be afraid to ask.

A tip from one of our study specialists

See Studiosity in action

See Studiosity in action

See a student and Study Specialist working together on a maths problem.

Frequently asked questions

At UTS College your safety is our concern. That’s why we offer a unique blend of Live Online and face-to-face classes to ensure you get the most out of your learning experience.

Our Live Online lectures are delivered in real time, with real teachers, just like being on campus. They are also recorded to allow you to revise and revisit in your own time. Outside class time, you have online access to teachers and comprehensive learning support.

This mode of learning support means you can collaborate on group projects with people from all over the world. You may be in Sydney, but you can form global connections, now and for the future.

Live Online learning helps you to become an independent learner, and sets you up for the work of the future, teaching you the skills for working online. 
On campus, our tutorial, practical and laboratory classes are interactive and engaging; offering you the full college experience, to learn, and have fun, with your peers. In our small classes of no more than 20 to 25 students, you’ll receive individual attention and immediate, constructive feedback.

At UTS College, we offer a wide range of support to ensure you succeed with your goals. This includes access to our Study Success Advisers, Study Success Workshops, in-class peer support and mentoring, and Studiosity, a service which provides anytime, anywhere student support, writing feedback within 24 hours, and a live chat help line. On campus or online, you’ll also enjoy access to a wide range of college activity and social clubs.

Applying for UTS College is simple. You can submit your application and supporting documents via the StudyLink portal. For a full list of the documents you need, see the application checklist on our website.

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