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Writing Feedback
Do you have an essay or assignment coming up? Get feedback from a study specialist who can help you with grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and phrasing. You'll get comprehensive and constructive feedback within 24 hours.

Get one-to-one, personal help with your studies in real-time. Post your study question via your Studiosity account (available on Canvas) then connect to a specialist. You'll enter an online and interactive 'classroom' where you can chat with the specialist and work through your question together. 

Will I lose marks using the service? 
Not at all - you won't be penalised for using Studiosity. Think of it as having your own tutor, only instead of one tutor, you'll have access to hundreds of specialists 24 hours, 7 days a week. And it's free to all UTS College students, so why not try it out? Take a look at the Student FAQs section for more information.

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Anytime, anywhere study support

When I use Studiosity I get better marks, and that makes me more confident as a student.

Anytime, anywhere study support

Helpful feedback on written assignments
The feedback was really prompt...it just made a huge difference.

Helpful feedback on written assignments

Building your confidence with English
English is my second language...Studiosity is helping me with structure and language...I can know exactly what the problem is.

Building your confidence with English

A tip from one of our study specialists

My advice: remember you've got other people there on the web who can help you. Just don't be afraid to ask.

A tip from one of our study specialists

Study areas to get help

Support for core English skills and concepts from all levels through to tertiary bridging/ access/ foundation levels including: core skills (punctuation, grammar, structure); essay and report writing; creative writing; speeches and generic text analysis.

Does not cover course, curricula-specific content.

Covers: General, Intermediate, Specialist/extension support for mathematics for foundation and pathway levels.

Does not cover tertiary level course content.

Covers: Biology, Chemistry, Physics support from foundation to pathway levels.

Does not cover tertiary level course content.

Support for essential and study skills (work planning, revision timetables, study hints and tips), general assignment and project research, note taking and online and database search skills.

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