Become a better communicator, collaborator, and leader: prepared, confident and future-ready.

Built on the latest research and more than 30 years’ pathway education experience, our industry-leading approach connects six core areas into a unified student-centred learning experience.

Live learning

  • Come prepared to collaborate, discuss, debate, participate in group work and community building in live classes (on-campus or Live Online) to build on independent learning and develop deep knowledge.

Independent learning

  • Undertake self-paced and personalised learning with videos, simulations, quizzes, concept checks, discussion boards, reflection and review activities, and 24/7 access to learning materials through edutech platform Canvas. Be reassured by active and constant feedback from your teachers every step of the way.

Learning support

  • We’ve amplified our student support and embedded it in live and independent learning through 1-1 or group consultations with your teachers or Study Success Advisers, feedback on all learning activities (not just assessments and exams), plus workshops, HELPS Centre, 24/7 online literacy, numeracy and study support, and more.

Social networks

  • Build your cross-cultural communication skills and join clubs, activities and networks to grow your circle of friends and maybe even meet your next business partner. Most importantly, you’ll make connections that can last a lifetime.


  • Join student advisory groups and make your voice heard, or take the lead and run a student club. Learn new skills and gain experience to prepare you for the workforce.


  • Be kind to your mind and body with counselling and health services, plus student-run online 24/7 mental health services embedded in the curriculum.

How is Learning.Connected different?

Learning.Connected takes advantage of the latest education technology, enabling you to stay connected to our digital campus wherever you're located, but it isn't online learning.

Learning.Connected teaches collaboration, communication, independent learning and critical thinking skills - and help is always at hand, so you never feel alone.

You're actively guided by your teachers every step of the way - in or out of class, in workshops, during consultations, via feedback on your independent learning tasks and more.

Learning.Connected enhances our teacher presence, both on and offline. We know students like to study and need support at all hours of the day or night, that's why we also offer 24/7 online support for writing, numeracy and study skills.

Learning.Connected takes advantage of the latest online tools and technology to enhance the way we teach and create confident and future-ready learners.

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