Frequently asked questions

We’re teaching the same quality curriculum, using a mix of small, real time, online classes, collaborative discussions and self-directed learning. Live Online learning allows you to participate in interactive classes through videoconferencing platforms RingCentral or Zoom. You’ll also participate in courses and conversations with your teachers and classmates using our online learning platform, Canvas, and other educational apps.

When you study through our Live Online study mode, you’ll experience the same content, the same small classes, the same Sydney-based quality teachers and the same support as on-campus students – in real-time. The learning outcome is the same, but you’ll benefit from graduating with a pathway to UTS, with no waiting, and the comfort of being close to home.

The best way to be successful in our Live Online classes is to stay connected with your teachers and classmates, and follow your typical routine, as you normally would with your on-campus classes. Check out the Live Online experience video, our online study tips and a study tips video with students who have studied successfully online and moved on to study at UTS.

Course structure

For our international students who cannot yet return to Sydney, subjects will continue to be delivered Live Online via Canvas, Zoom and other collaborative online tools. This includes both tutorials and independent learning activities. You will need to attend the scheduled classes in real-time according to your timetable, just the same as if you were on campus. You can study the self-paced learning modules in your own time as pre-and-post class preparation.

For our domestic and international students who can return to campus, we will resume teaching on campus in Semester 1, 2022. Some learning activities will continue to be delivered online via Canvas, however students will experience a combination of Live Online and face-to-face classes. 

Teachers will decide whether tutorials will be recorded. It’s important that you attend classes as scheduled in your timetable via RingCentral or Zoom, and not rely on recordings. Attending classes at the scheduled time allows you to connect with your peers and receive instant feedback from teachers. Recordings and other learning materials in Canvas are best used to revise course content.

Your timetable is the same as if you were studying on campus. Our programs include a mix of self-paced learning and face-to-face tutorials and classes, regardless of the study mode. It’s just one of the benefits of studying with our Live Online study mode compared to other online courses – the workload and hours required is the same as face-to-face.

Where possible, assessments will be completed online using Canvas. If an assessment can’t be performed online, you’ll be contacted by your teacher or subject coordinator with an alternative.

We recommend that you sign in to Canvas and complete the course work you missed. Your teacher and subject coordinator are also available to help you catch up.

We have two ways our students studying Live Online can experience practical laboratory classes and achieve the same learning outcomes. We replace experiments with online activities which include pre-lab quizzes, virtual experiments, experiment videos and post-lab worksheets. Students can also perform take-home investigations. For example, physics students are required to video-record an investigation and apply three physics principles to explain the results.

We are teaching from Australia and will be running Live Online classes following your timetable and on Sydney time, but scheduled for different time zones where possible. We appreciate technology can sometimes vary and our systems have been optimised for Australia.

Yes, your attendance will be recorded. You must login to all your Live Online classes as scheduled in your timetable, unless you are ill.

No, Live Online classes will occur at the same time as timetabled in Sydney-time (AEST). Some classes, such as for Pre-Master's, may be scheduled in the evenings to cater for postgraduate students.

Yes. You can complete your studies and course Live Online as you would on-campus. You will still receive the same qualifications and guaranteed entry to UTS on successful completion of your diploma or graduate certificate program. 

You will need to use Canvas to access your course material. Please see Getting set up for Live Online for more information.

For help using canvas, visit the Study Success course. You can also access 24/7 Canvas support via chat - click on the ‘Help’ button in the left-hand menu from anywhere in Canvas. The Zoom user guide can be found here.

English language courses

You will need to login to Canvas to access learning material for your Academic English (AE) course. Please ensure you have activated your UTS email account. See our Getting set up for Live Online and Live Online support pages for more information and guidance.

Your teachers and level coordinators are available to support you.

You can also continue to get support from our Study Success Advisers. You can make an appointment online or send an email to
The HELPS Centre is also available to support students with a wide variety of resources and services.

Diploma courses

For practical laboratory classes (such as those in SPSP001, SCHM001, SPAN001), we have created two ways. The first way is by replacing experiments by online activities, including pre-lab quizzes, virtual experiments, experiment videos and post-lab worksheets. The second way is that you will be provided with take-home investigations. For example, students taking physics are required to video-record their investigation on buoyancy and then apply three physics principles to explain the results.

For computer laboratory classes (such as those in EMAT001, EMTH001 and SSDA001), classes will be delivered Live Online via Canvas. Students will be able to download the software and tutors will deliver the lessons like other online tutorial classes.

Teachers demonstrate (via their webcam and / or screen-share) what you need to do on Zoom, and will also provide live and instant feedback. Assessments that require modelmaking can be graded and critiqued through Zoom via a webcam. This allows a learning experience that’s like a classroom setting.

Design studio work occurs online for Live Online students. We create online studio activities using Canvas and Zoom which are scheduled as per your current timetable. 

For certain subjects, you will also need to upload iterative progress of your work to an online portfolio (such as Adobe Behance). This will allow your teachers and other students to stay in touch with your work and provide comments and feedback to you. You will also be able to screen-share with your teachers and other students to receive instant critique and/or assistance with your work.

Technology requirements

You’ll need to make sure you have:

  • A laptop, tablet or computer with a web camera (at least a 720p)
  • A mobile phone with a camera for exams
  • Access to stable and fast internet/WiFi (at least 1.5 MB/sec), not using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Access to Canvas, Zoom, Ring Central, Teams and other online learning platforms used in your subjects
  • A quiet area so you can study.

Supported Operating Systems are:

  • Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) or later
  • Mac OS X with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or later supported browsers
  • Google Chrome: version 41 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: version 11.x, Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox: version 37 or higher 
  • Safari: version 7.x or higher

NOTE: Unsupported browsers will be prevented from accessing the RingCentral Online account.

  • iOS 10.0 or later (iOS 13 supported)
  • Android OS 5.0 and up (Android 10 / Android Q supported)

Canvas, Zoom, RingCentral, Teams and other online learning tools will be used. However, all your course materials are online. You will need to check with your class teacher about any specific programs required for your subject. A lot of software is also available to students at no cost.

We encourage you to visit the Canvas student guide to see how canvas works for students.

During an exam, if you experience an emergency issue, whether it is technology or unforeseen circumstances, you must notify your exam supervisor (chat function in Zoom Meeting) or email to avoid being reported for Exam Misconduct.

If it is technical issues you should notify your exams supervisor immediately.

Contact our ITDS service desk:
Online via Service portal
Ph: +61 2 9218 7000

If you are a domestic or onshore student, our campus is open for you to use the WiFi in the student lounges or the PCs on level 6 of the Blue Building. You are strongly encouraged to practice good hand hygiene, wear a mask, and practice social distancing as per NSW Health’s advice.

Our IT service desk is contactable on +61 2 9218 7000 or

For support with Canvas, use the Report a problem option on the Canvas Help menu. If you’re in Australia, you can also call 1800 955 260.

Yes. Contact our ITDS service desk team for support with installation of software such as Adobe, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to your device.

Online via Service portal
P: +61 2 9218 7000

Fees and Visas

No. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has temporarily changed visa conditions to allow students to undertake online study as a result of Australia’s enhanced border measures. This means that even if you study Live Online, you are eligible for a post study work (PSW) visa. Please visit the TESQSA website for further information.

In 2021, there will be no free repeats offered, however your progress will be closely monitored to identify any areas where you need extra academic or social support. We offer all our students a wide range of academic and personal support to ensure success.

Overseas student health cover (OSHC)

OSHC is not required when undertaking our courses Live Online in your home country. However, it will be required at the time of visa application once travel restrictions are lifted.

Students must show proof that they have OSHC arranged before applying for a student visa.

For the latest cover, policies and fees please visit

You can request to put the OSHC on hold while you are overseas and reactivate it when you return. You should contact Medibank or your provider.

Support for Live Online learning

We have a large and friendly support team available to help you throughout your studies. Please reach out if you have any difficulties or challenges.

  • Student Centre – for any general administrative enquiries
  • Welfare Team – for any mental health related or personal issues
  • ITDS service desk – for any technical support
  • Study Success Advisers – for any issues related to your studies
  • HELPS – Higher Education Language and Presentation Support – run workshops and provide resources
  • Studiosity – provides anytime, anywhere online academic support and assignment feedback.

Yes. Over the course of your studies, you may come across Peer Helpers in the classroom. Their role is to provide you with additional learning support in class. They may help clarify terms, assist you in preparing for assessments and class activities, and help you to engage and participate in class. Peer Helpers can also work with you to increase your understanding of what is expected of you in your subjects.

You’ll have lots of opportunities to interact with your classmates through Zoom, RingCentral and other online collaborative tools. These tools have a variety of functions to enable class interaction. We also recommend that you set up study sessions through the online collaboration tools to discuss questions, complete group work, and share information with your classmates.

We encourage you to join our weekly social clubs that are available for both our Live Online and on-campus students. All our events are promoted through Canvas (under courses) and our social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram. We also encourage you to interact with your classmates and teachers online, during classes and in group work.

All of our students are part of a lively student community and we invite you to join us on Facebook and WeChat. On Facebook, search ‘UTS College Student Group’ group and request to join. For WeChat, add your individual WeChat account to ‘UTSCollege’, and you’ll get instructions on how to join the group.

Yes. We have many online student social groups, including all the weekly social clubs in Canvas which are available to both on-campus and Live Online students. We also invite you to get involved and run your own club, with the support and guidance of our Student Activities.

Welcome Week is held online and as you would do face-to-face, we have planned and mapped out some exciting events and activities relevant to your program of studies. The schedules are all listed on Canvas. When you activate your UTS email account, you’ll start receiving notifications regarding Welcome Week activities and a ‘check list’ that you’ll need to complete before you commence.


In certain circumstances, we can offer a full refund. This includes for international students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please read our refund guidelines for Diploma and UTS Foundation Studies for Semester 3, 2021.

Please read our refund guidelines for English Language students for Block 4 and 5, 2021.