Professional Knowledge and Practice


Graduates of today are facing the perplexities of what the future of work look like and find it hard to catch up to the employment trends of tomorrow. Redefining opportunities for people is likely to be the most pressing social issue of the coming century. In this subject, students examine what professionalism looks like from their home country context, a global context, as well as the Australian and Indigenous context. Students will then explore the attainment of knowledge through the Theory of Knowledge Framework through in-class live debates. They will then be introduced to the Human-Centred Design Framework and the NSW Public Service Capability Framework as the building blocks in constructing a lifelong career plan that is meaningful to them. Lastly, students will look at the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals to ensure that the students are well-informed global citizens that can contribute to sustainable development in their future careers and studies. In the tutorials each week, students will engage in readings, class debates, radical collaboration and rapid prototyping. Guests will provide their insights into different career paths. Students are expected to leave the course confident about the degree they aim to undertake and gain better insight into the Future of Work.