English entry requirements

You will study at the level which matches your current English language ability. Throughout levels AE1-AE5 you will study key themes that incorporate various interesting topics.

After completing the appropriate English level you can gain direct entry* into UTS Foundation Studies, UTS College diplomas or UTS degree programs without the need to sit another English exam. Please refer to the diagram below for more details about our pathways.

Academic English entry requirements

Academic English entry requirements

*English and academic entry requirements apply. Please refer to the courses page of our website for course information, entry requirements and articulation details. Successful completion of AE5 satisfies the English language admission requirements for most UTS undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. For specific details of UTS English entry requirements, please refer to the individual faculty pages on the UTS website.

NB: VEPT is accepted for entry into an Academic English course to ensure students are placed correctly according to their current level of English. VEPT results are not accepted for direct entry into academic programs.