Required Knowledge for the UTS College Diploma of Engineering

The UTS College Diploma of Engineering accelerated (2 semester) and standard (3 semester) program is offered to students who have successfully completed Year 12 subjects in Mathematics and Physics. 

Students who do not meet the pre-requisite may be considered for the extended program (4 semesters). The extended program includes three additional enabling subjects to ensure students have the core fundamentals before progressing onto more advanced subjects. 

Students who have completed secondary education in Australia

Students must have completed the following subjects plus Physics in the HSC to qualify for the accelerated and standard program:

  • Mathematics - Band 5 or above and/or
  • Mathematics Extension 1 and/or
  • Mathematics Extension 2

International students 

Students who attained their secondary education in a country other than Australia must have completed equivalent Mathematics subjects plus Physics in year 12 in order to qualify for the accelerated and standard program. 

Students planning on enrolling in the UTS Foundation Studies program prior to the Diploma of Engineering should enrol in the Introduction to Mathematics subjects (2 & 3). 

Mathematics readiness test

All diploma of Engineering students in the accelerated and standard programs are required to complete a mathematics readiness test during Welcome Week. This test assesses if students enrolled in the accelerated or standard programs need to complete an additional subject Foundation Mathematics prior to moving onto the more advanced Mathematical Modelling 1. This sample test gives you an idea of the type of questions you may be asked in the mathematics readiness test. 

If you have any questions regarding required knowledge, please contact us on 1800 896 994 or email

*Students who do not attend or fail the mathematics readiness test will be automatically enrolled in Foundation Mathematics (EFMT001). Students enrolled in the Accelerated program who need to complete EFMT001 will be automatically changed to the 3 semester (Standard) program to allow time to complete the additional subject. If affected, students will be advised of this change by the Student Centre.