Domestic students: 3 easy steps to apply

Here's your easy step-by-step guide on how to apply to UTS College:

  1. Use the info hub for our 'how-to apply' video, tips and your checklist before applying
  2. Check entry requirements and important dates
  3. Got questions? Refer to our FAQs, FEE-HELP questions, or feel free to get in touch with our Application Assist team.

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Other important information

Entry requirements depends on the course stream you choose. These streams are:

  • Extended (4 semesters – 16 months)
  • Standard (3 semesters – 12 months)
  • ​Accelerated (2 semesters – 8 months)

Entry to a UTS College diploma is based on your HSC subject average of English plus your best 3 board developed courses:

  • 75% for Accelerated
  • 67% for Standard
  • 63% for Extended

Entry to UTS College - subject average example:

Sam received the following marks for their HSC board-developed courses:
    English Standard (65%)
    Earth and Environmental Science (71%)
    Mathematics Standard 2 (73%)
    Music 1 (63%)
    Japanese Beginners (68%)
Based on this ATARNotes calculator, Sam is predicted to receive an ATAR of 51.10.
Sam's UTS College subject average is calculated as English Standard (65%), plus their best 3 board-developed courses of Earth and Environmental Science (71%), Mathematics Standard 2 (73%) and Japanese Beginners (68%). Average
(65+71+73+68) / 4 = 69.25%.
While Sam's ATAR is 51.10, their UTS College subject average is 69.25%. Sam wants to study a Diploma of Science and can study a Standard 12-month diploma (min. 67% average).

After you have applied via the student portal, your application will be assessed by our Admissions team. Please allow up to 5 working days for your application to be processed. You will then be advised if you have received an offer to your nominated UTS College program, along with instructions on how to accept your offer and apply for FEE-HELP if eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

A domestic student is classified as either; an Australian citizen, an Australian Permanent Residents (PR) visa holder, an Australian Humanitarian visa holder or, a New Zealand citizen.

It is very quick once you have all your documents. Allow about 10 minutes to complete your application and have all your documents ready to upload.

Expect an answer from us within 1 working day of sending us your application. You will then receive a personalised response via email from our admissions team within 2-4 business days. Allow up to 5 working days for your application to be processed.

There is no application fee and the online application process is quick and easy.

You don’t need to submit your ATAR notice as it cannot be used solely to meet the academic requirements.

A completion certificate is a testamur for a course completed. Eg, the NSW HSC completion certificate is the NESA issued NSW HSC Testamur.

A Tax File Number is needed if you wish to pay by FEE-HELP. You can apply for one with Australia Post (you can keep the receipt of application and provide that instead of the TFN if you haven’t yet received your TFN).

You will need to have the following to complete your application:

  • Transcript of studies showing subjects and results
  • Completion certificate (if completed)
  • Copy of your passport, birth certificate, citizenship certificate or visa 
  • Any other relevant documentation to support your application
Yes. You don't need your ATAR results to apply to UTS College. You can submit your current academic results and transcripts, and we will issue you a 'conditional offer'.
There are two types of offers issued by UTS College:
1. Conditional offer: 'conditional' means some conditions need to be met, such as providing final academic transcripts, before a Full offer can be issued. Conditional offers can not be accepted.
2. Full offer: this is issued when all conditions have been met. Full offers can be acecpted.

If you have received a Conditional offer, this means you need to supply further documentation to meet the eligibility criteria.

For example, once you have received your final academic transcipt/results, you can log back into our Student Portal (where you originally applied to UTS College) and submit documents to support your application and be considerered for a Full offer. Be sure to log in to your existing account (instead of registering as a new user) so we can process your Conditional offer quickly.

Fees and FEE-HELP

There are citizenship or residency requirements (refer to the Study Assist website

The FEE-HELP loan scheme covers studies in all UTS College diplomas.

You can check the approved higher education providers listed on the Australian Government website, Study Assist . You'll find UTS College listed on the site.

You need to complete a Request for a FEE-HELP – Non-university private higher education providers form, which is available online through eStudent. You will receive guidance on how to complete the form in your offer letter. 

No, there is no application charge. But, there is a 20% loan fee based on the FEE-HELP loan that you receive for your diploma course.

Further information regarding this can be found at


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