HSC parents. A field guide.

The HSC is a challenging time for parents as much as for students.
The HSC is a challenging time for parents as much as for students.

If your teenager is in the final stages of high school, you’ll know only too well that HSC pressure doesn’t just affect students. Parents have been known to engage in all manner of bizarre behaviour as the exams loom closer. Do you recognise yourself in any of these examples?

The ‘Hooray for Everything!’ parent
These parents are known for their feverish conviction that studying is a source of endless fun. In the more disturbing cases, they’ve been known to launch into cheerleader routines for anything from tidy bedrooms and broccoli consumption to exam prep (“Give me and E! Give me an X!” … you get the idea).

The ‘Keep your strength up pet’ parent
If your household is starting to look like a lavish, 24-hour catering service, this could be you. You regularly deliver plates piled high with love and nourishment to your child’s room. And you’re right. Students need their calories. Maybe just remember not to go overboard. Nobody studies well in a food coma.

The ‘In the trenches’ parent
Do you know your child’s exam schedule better than they do? Is exam stress keeping you awake? If you find yourself glassy-eyed, reciting HSC questions from the past five years, you may just be reliving a long-ago Year-12. While it’s nice that your child knows you’re in the trenches with them, remember they need their own space from time to time. A crowded trench isn’t a lot of fun.

The Sergeant-Major parent
You know the importance of discipline, and you’ve been planning your child’s study schedule for the last 12-months. Making sure they’re up and at ‘em bright and early. Keeping on top of that homework. Checking up on their progress with regular texts. The question is, will they end the year with an HSC or just an endurance medal?

The Strictly Analogue parent
You’ve placed a strict ban on all those newfangled digital distractions and social media while your child is studying. After all, you got along perfectly well without all that in your day, didn’t you? Your cunning plan will stop them wasting precious study time onTikTok. Yep. You outsmarted them. Except … has your mobile gone missing?

Chances are, none of these people are you. Most likely you’re a regular, concerned Mum or Dad who wants the best for your child. It’s a challenging time for parents as much as it is for students. That’s why it’s good to know that there are always options to help your child to succeed, no matter what their HSC results.

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