Nepalese student invests heart and soul into biomedical ambitions

Amshuma is passionate about biomedical science.
Amshuma is passionate about biomedical science.

Amshuma Rayamajhi was always passionate about medical sciences. It was her dream to become a doctor since childhood. In her journey of self-discovery as a young woman, she enjoyed participating in volunteering activities with international organisations because it simulated the work she would do in medical fields.

She was a representative of the Red Cross Committee at her high school in Nepal. The experience taught her that she enjoyed helping others. She realised that being a medical scientist or doctor was not only her future destiny but these fields would also provide her with a purpose in which she could invest her heart and soul.

After high school, she dedicated herself to help the rural parts of her country to improve the health and education facilities. She also lived with impoverished children. Their lack of access to medical facilities spurred her on to study medicine and health intensively.

After moving to Australia and finding UTS Insearch, the pathway to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), her academic success enabled her to win the Outstanding Graduate Prize and to come first in her Diploma of Science.  

“When you come to Australia from Nepal and see all these amazingly successful people, it can be intimidating. However, I know now the success of others will be a catalyst for my own progress. If you have the will to go after what you want, it does not matter what your circumstances are,” Amshuma says.

Now at UTS and studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, she added a UTS Pathways Scholarships to her growing list of achievements. This scholarship has enabled to cover half of her tuition costs for the remainder of her degree.

Amshuma is looking forward to further study and research in different medical areas to broaden her medical knowledge.