Love of learning inspires business student

UTS Insearch Diploma of Business graduate Jiaqi Wang
UTS Insearch Diploma of Business graduate Jiaqi Wang

Nanyang student, Jiaqi Wang, has always had an unquenchable thirst for learning, which has contributed to her ongoing success at study. Her commitment to learning has even lead to her winning a prize for being the Outstanding Graduate in the Diploma of Business for UTS Insearch in 2017.

But Jiaqi had to overcome some challenges and needed support to pursue her dream of studying in accounting, so she chose to study at UTS Insearch, the pathway to the University of Technology Sydney. 

When Jiaqi first came to Sydney, she wasn’t confident about her spoken English and was surprised by the different learning styles used in higher education in Australia.

“I remember the first lecture I went to felt overwhelming. I felt that I could not keep up with what was being said. After that experience, I used the recording of each of my lectures and tutorials and then go home and listen to them again,” Jiaqi says.

She now appreciates the difference between the Chinese exam-focus and the skills needed for navigating the Australian education system.

“In Australia, there is group work, presentations and reports. At first, I was not really used to it, but over time I have learnt how to lead a team, designate work and proofread.”

She’s now acclimatised to life in Sydney, reading books and watching movies to continue to perfect her English skills, and enjoying the clean outdoor environment of parks and Bondi Beach.

Jiaqi said UTS Insearch is a good starting platform for students - she found the teachers are highly professional, and the teaching methods help students to study efficiently.

Her studiousness and dedication even resulted in her winning the Outstanding Graduate Prize for topping her class in the Diploma of Business.

“At first, I could not believe it. I did not think that I had done so well in my final exams, so I checked my email a few times when I got the news,” she says.

Jiaqi is currently in her second year in the UTS Bachelor of Business in Accounting – and she believes learning about business is essential for everyone.

“Learning about business teaches you lifelong skills, like how to manage money and time. These skills will set me up for further success,” she says.

She is also excited about her future – aiming to become an accountant and also a teacher. 

“I love school, I love to communicate with teachers and I love being friends with students,” she says.