Life experiences make student a savvy communicator

UTS Insearch prizewinner and communication student Isabella Korda
UTS Insearch prizewinner and communication student Isabella Korda

Double Bay resident Isabella Korda always knew she enjoyed all aspects of communication, especially the thinking and researching processes put into writing for journalism and public relations.

“I like learning about the intersection between journalism and public relations and how there is often little distinction these days. I also love writing essays and seeing how all the components fit together,” Isabella said. 

High school studies did not engage Isabella as much - and she did not get the ATAR to enter university directly to study journalism. 

“At high school, I was a big procrastinator. I definitely was not achieving at my full potential. I decided to take a gap year to give myself some mental space,” she said. 

Isabella decided to travel to Hungary and visit her family, revelling in the sights and sounds of Budapest. When she returned, she found UTS Insearch, the pathway to UTS and decided its Diploma of Communication would be the perfect stepping stone towards UTS and ulitmately working in journalism.

“Studying the diploma has made me hyper-focussed and my efforts were rewarded by winning the Dean’s Merit prize for topping my first semester,” Isabella said. 

“I am now focussed on building the practical skills of being a journalist and communications professional, including copywriting, researching and thinking about story angles.”

Isabella says that the research skills she has learnt working as a medical receptionist enhance her writing.  

“I learnt how to effectively cite sources and this has improved my essays. For example, earlier this year, I wrote an essay on women’s health - I was able to find lots of good sources because my boss is a doctor,” she said. 

In future, Isabella would like to be a successful journalist in politics, business or working internationally. However, for now, she is busy writing her own story.

To cap off her success this year, she was recently awarded the Outstanding Graduate prize for the Diploma of Communication for topping her course overall.