If coordinating fee payment on a student’s behalf, use any one of the six payment options below.

1. Online – Flywire

Flywire is the preferred method of payment. Visit flywire.com and select the ‘Agent Portal’. Enter the payment details. You will need to either create an account or sign into an existing account. Review the payment details and click submit. You will then by transferred to a confirmation page where you will receive Flywire’s payment delivery instructions. Once the fees are received by Flywire, they will forward to UTS College and send you a confirmation email.

2. Online – Alipay or WeChat Pay

Students may use the Alipay or WeChat app to pay fees.  It’s quick and easy.  Simply ask the student to open either app, scan the QR code and enter the payment amount.  Tap on  then enter the student ID, name and mobile number.  Alipay / WeChat will notify the student on the payment outcome.

3. Online – BPOINT Credit Cards 

Visit bpoint.com.au and enter the Biller Code 959676. Enter Reference Number as the Customer Reference Number (CRN) as indicated in the student’s letter of offer. Enter the amount to pay as the ‘Total Fees Required for Enrolment’ outlined in the letter of offer and select Visa, Mastercard or American Express to complete the payment.  A security PIN will be sent to your credit card’s registered mobile phone number which needs to be entered to confirm the payment.

4. Online – BPAY

Visit your preferred bank’s computer system to make the payment using the BPAY option. Enter the Biller Code 959676 and the Customer Reference Number (CRN) as indicated in the student’s letter of offer, and use a linked debit account or the students linked credit card to complete the payment.

5. Mail – Bank Cheque or Bank Draft

Make bank cheque/bank draft payable to UTS College and send to:

UTS College Student Admissions
P.O. Boxes K1065
NSW 1240 Australia

6. Telegraphic Transfer or Direct Deposit

Download and complete the Telegraphic transfer (TT)/direct deposit (DD) form. When the TT or DD has been organised, please fax or email the completed form together with a copy of the receipt to the UTS College Student Admissions on either Fax +61 2 9281 9875 or email Registrar@insearch.edu.au.  Students must include their full name and UTS College student number on the bank receipt.

Important:  Please be aware of fraudulent behaviour offering discounts to students paying fees.