Madhavi Shankar

2015 graduate of the MEM and MBA, Technology Management

“During my final semester of a Bachelor of Engineering, I decided to move overseas to further my education. The masters’ coursework options and student visa flexibly made Australia the most preferable option. During my research, I was awestruck by Sydney and decided to enrol at one of Australia’s best universities based in Sydney – UTS.

“Meeting people from different cultures and walks of life, sharing experiences, and collaborating with them at university really opened my perspective on life. The friendships nurtured while living in Sydney are still a part of my life today. I believe these experiences enabled me to grow and become who I am today, both professionally and personally.

“My love for startups also began in Australia. I commenced my career working for an early stage startup in Sydney as one of their first employees. I started as an intern, and within 2.5 years I became Product Manager, Asia Pacific. Holding various roles under the leadership of my Australian founders enabled me to discover my capabilities and interest in building companies. This led me to launch my own company, SpaceBasic Inc.

“UTS courses are a great blend of communication, practical experience, and theory. Students have real experiences, combined with theory-based learning. Most learning occurs outside the classroom, and I would advise students to make use of the value-added workshops and activities that happen almost every week at UTS. Most importantly, enjoy the international student experience.

“The rich experience of collaborating with a mix of cultures at UTS really helped develop my ability to effectively communicate and connect with my peers. As an entrepreneur, this is an important trait, and my time at UTS helped me develop it.

“I am also greatly inspired by women entrepreneurs like Indra Nooyi and Melanie Perkins. I believe women are born with managerial DNA – multitasking and diligence are key qualities that women possess.
“Change is good. Don’t be afraid to try new things and break out of your comfort zone.”