Rediscovering a passion for study

Diploma of Design & Architecture graduate Luka Rohde.
Diploma of Design & Architecture graduate Luka Rohde.

Luka has always had an enquiring and design-oriented mind, having demonstrated this when he designed a new machine turbine concept – a wind accelerating funnel turbine. However, he didn’t jump straight into study after the HSC, preferring to travel and undertake new ventures in Europe.

After a four-year stint working in Germany as a sustainable food entrepreneur, model and actor, he lacked the skills and education to take on his dream of becoming an architect, like his idols – American architects and furniture makers Ray and Charles Eames.

“I came to understand that my lack of skills and education hindered my opportunities. However, my venture [in sustainable food service] taught me that I love creating spaces for people and exploring the connection between the human and natural worlds, and I needed an outlet for that,” Luka said.

He found UTS Insearch, the pathway to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), on the internet and realised the Diploma of Design & Architecture was the stepping stone towards his ambitions. He also received academic credit towards his degree at UTS.

Luka is now studying in the first year of UTS Bachelor of Design in Architecture and is on his way to become an architect and owning his own firm. 

“I want to develop a firm which serves a diverse range of clients. Another ambition is to create a city masterplan in a developing country - to live and work with a culture, to understand the people’s needs, and deliver a great city.”