Nepalese IT student is an all-round winner

Rohit Maharjan
Rohit Maharjan

Growing up in Jawalakhel, Nepal, Rohit Maharjan always dreamed of studying internationally. After he completed his high school studies, he considered three different countries for international study and researched information technology (IT) courses - Australia was at the top of that list.

He decided to come to Sydney and study a Diploma of IT course at UTS Insearch, the pathway to UTS. However, he worried about his future studies because at the time he possessed few English skills. It turned out that coming to Sydney was the “best decision” and he overcame the language barrier.

“UTS Insearch was the best thing to happen to me. I am who I am now thanks to UTS Insearch. Initially, I felt like a loner, just sitting alone doing my studies. Then I discovered that people are friendly there. UTS Insearch set up its learning environment in such a way that we had to communicate and make friends,” Rohit said.

Rohit performed strongly in his studies, topping his diploma course and winning an Outstanding Graduate award worth A$2500. He said that the proudest moment about winning the prize was not just his hard work but the fact he spoke English before arriving in Australia.

“My English level was low before coming to Australia. I read books and watched movies in English but I was not good at conversation. However, as a result of UTS Insearch, it is much better,” he said.

Now a UTS graduate, he has taken advantage of all the career and extracurricular resources available to him.

“When I was admitted into UTS, I joined the Nepalese Students Society. We celebrate all festivals relevant to Nepal. I also love going to the library. When the book you want to borrow is not at the library, you can request it from other places,” Rohit said.

In his second year, Rohit was awarded the UTS Accomplish Award. The program attached to the award helps the winners develop their employability networking, provides interview practice and skills workshops.

“They helped me reframe my resume so it looks more attractive to employers. They also taught me how to address emails to potential employers and how to respond. Finally, they gave me tips on to negotiate salaries and wages when I find jobs,” he said.

Rohit took part in the UTS BUILD (Beyond UTS International Leadership Development) program which helps students develop their leadership potential through a range of local and global opportunities. He also volunteered in the Student Activities Club and was a student representative for UTS.

The highlight of all of Rohit’s efforts was when he won the UTS Insearch to UTS Pathways Scholarship.

“I was very pleased to receive the scholarship which will cover half of the balance of my tuition costs. I filled in a questionnaire on how I could make the community better. I have to maintain my Grade Point Average to keep the scholarship. Receiving it was a very pleasant surprise,” he said.

Rohit has completed IT certifications to make himself more employable and is working towards a career in computer networking or software development.