More than just an ATAR

More than just an ATAR

With Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking (ATARs) results soon to be released, many students may find their ATARs are lower than expected and below the cut-off of their preferred course. But with pathway options such as UTS College, these students can still go on to study their preferred university course and fulfil their career aspirations. 

UTS College Dean of Studies, Tim Laurence says students can consider the different options available to them if they receive a lower than expected ATAR. 

“Students need to know that no matter what they choose to do during the first year after the HSC, whether it’s continuing their studies, working, or taking a gap year, there are alternative ways for them to get into university,” says Mr Laurence. 

“There are a lot of students with good potential could miss out on a direct offer in their field of choice because of ATAR scaling. For example, a potentially good engineering student may miss out on getting into their university of choice because their history result brought their overall ATAR down.” 

UTS College admits students based on their HSC subject average, calculated from their HSC subject results for English and their three best non-VET subjects. With this approach, UTS Insearch provides students who may have been negatively impacted with scaling the opportunity to study their preferred course at UTS.

By completing a diploma and achieving the required Grade Point Average at UTS College, the pathway to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), students with a lower-than-expected ATAR can fast track into the second year of a UTS undergraduate degree, depending on the course chosen and results achieved.