Medibank Scholarship winners making a brilliant start

Medibank Scholarship winners making a brilliant start

Three talented international students who have arranged their Medibank Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) through UTS Insearch are the latest winners of the Medibank International Education Scholarship, awarded to the top performing student in the first stage of UTS Foundation Studies, and the highest performing student from the first stage of any UTS Insearch diploma program in a single semester.

UTS Foundation Studies joint winners

Aye Chan Oo, from Myanmar, and Nathan Naidu, from Fiji, were joint winners of the award for UTS Foundation Studies this semester. Nathan was thrilled to see that his hard work throughout the semester paid off. He says, “It is such an honour to receive this scholarship. I think it will motivate me to work even harder next time.” He hopes to study Communications at UTS. “I have always been interested in the impact of media when it comes to international relations and politics,” he says. “I am hoping that, with a Communications degree, I can land a job in the political sector."

Like Nathan, Aye Chan Oo feels motivated by the scholarship. She says, “I feel appreciated for my hard work, and I will continue towards my goals even it can be challenging during this pandemic. I am so grateful to receive this kind of support.” She plans to study Medical Science at UTS. “I love working in the science field. I want to research diseases and look for cures,” she says. “I think it’s very interesting how science and technology are working together to improve the quality of our lives."

“It will stand out on my CV,” says winning diploma student

The prize for the highest performing diploma student went to Jesslyn Ronald, from Indonesia, who has just completed her first semester in the UTS Insearch Diploma of IT. “On a personal level,” Jesslyn says, “earning this scholarship allows me to be more selective in how I spend my free time. I can maximise the college experience through service-learning, volunteer opportunities and internships."

Jesslyn is excited to add the achievement to her CV. She says, “Speaking of career prospects, achieving the Medibank Scholarship helps make me a more attractive job candidate. It will help me stand out.” She sees a bright future for herself as an IT professional. “In this information age, where technology is so amplified, the IT industry shows great potential,” she says. “I believe that majoring in Information Technology will expose me to a lot of opportunities in the coming years."

Winners of the Medibank Scholarship receive A $4000 towards their UTS Insearch tuition fees for the following semester. Should there be more than two students with the same results, this amount is divided between them.  To be eligible, students must have arranged their Medibank OSHC through UTS Insearch, and be currently enrolled in either UTS Foundation Studies, or a UTS Insearch diploma course. There is no need to apply for this scholarship. Eligible students are nominated by UTS Insearch and will be contacted should they receive a scholarship.