From Shanghai high school to university medalist

Business student Liqing Chen is the first in her family to study internationally
Business student Liqing Chen is the first in her family to study internationally

Growing up in Shanghai, Liqing’s family always encouraged her to consider studying internationally. After graduating from high school, she had a decision to make - stay and study in Shanghai - or experience university life overseas.

“My father always wanted to study abroad, but every time he had the opportunity, something came up,” Liqing said.

“My parents encouraged me to study abroad while I was young. They said that I had the opportunity for an experience which they never had, and that I should go and discover new things. They wanted me to broaden my horizons, so I could give myself a better future.

"Now, I get to be the first person in my family to study abroad -  they inspired that dream in me.”

An adventure of a lifetime

With her parent’s advice in mind, Liqing made the trip to Sydney and enrolled in a Foundation course at UTS Insearch, the pathway to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Having dreamt of pursuing a career in finance and economics from a young age, studying business was a natural choice for Liqing.

“Business affects our daily lives – exchange rates change, people’s jobs - you can find a reason for almost everything through understanding business.”

Liqing’s work ethic and passion for business led to her coming first in her diploma course overall and winning UTS Insearch’s prestigious Outstanding Graduate prize for topping her first year of study.

Her academic success continued once she commenced her Bachelor of Business at UTS, receiving the University Medal, an honour reserved for the student with the highest Grade Point Average of their graduating cohort.

“Winning these prizes has been quite an endorsement and compliment for what I have done in the past few years,” Liqing said.

“It sets a higher expectation for myself of what I should achieve in the future and always reminds me that the effort I exert will yield good outcomes.”

It seems those good outcomes haven’t stopped for Liqing, as she is currently undertaking her PhD in Economics.

“I want to become an independent researcher and work in academia upon the completion of my PhD,” Liqing said.

Keeping everything in balance helps success

Liqing has worked hard to achieve all her academic successes. She also believes a good work-life balance is essential for students and throughout her university studies, Liqing always made time for her hobbies.


“I love movies and music. I also enjoy going to gigs, art galleries or camping and hiking over the weekend,” she said.

“It’s important to keep a balance of study, life and leisure time. Instead of sitting there staring at the textbook all day without actually reading it, having a movie break or going out for a hike would significantly increase the quality of time I spent on study.“