Annual TEFLIN conference inspires teachers

Annual TEFLIN conference inspires teachers

Educators from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and its English language pathway UTS Insearch participated in the annual TEFLIN Conference in Indonesia to share experiences with international English language teaching colleagues.

Mariam Kartikatresni, Director of Indonesian Development for UTS Insearch says, “We are pleased to be supporting and participating in Indonesia’s English language education development.”

“We have a number of teachers and professors visiting for TEFLIN to share their perspectives on creative and innovative approaches in English language education,” said Ms Kartikatresni.

As part of its support for the 2017 TEFLIN Conference, UTS Insearch also sponsored the registrations of 10 teachers attending.  

“Collaboration between Australian and Indonesian language teachers builds bilateral relations and deepens engagement, which supports Indonesia as it builds its English language capabilities as part of the ASEAN community,” said Ms Kartikatresni. 

One example of creativity in English language education is the launch of the Academic English for Research program, developed by UTS Insearch and delivered in partnership with FIB-UI, and Kompas Gramedia Group in Jakarta.  

“Academic English for Research enhances Indonesian researchers’ competitiveness in both the ASEAN region and globally by boosting their English skills which are essential for international publication,” said Ms Kartikatresni.