Anna finds her way to UTS

Anna finds her way to UTS

“When I discovered my ATAR, the first thought that went through my head was ‘how am I going to tell my mum?’.

I remember just sitting at my computer trying to think of things I could have done better or differently in the HSC. Everyone had expected me to do better than my sister but it turned out I got a much lower ATAR than her. It felt as if I had let everyone down,” says UTS Insearch graduate and UTS IT student Anna Nguyen. 

“My HSC results didn’t shock me as I was expecting marks in the high 70s and 80s for my subjects, but I guess I had never realised how the scaling could impact your ATAR. I suppose you could say I was a victim of scaling because of the subjects I chose.” 

“UTS Insearch appealed to me over other options as you don’t add any more time to the length of your degree and because you study the same subjects others do in the first year of their degree at UTS.” 

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