A hard worker, just like his Dad

Ezra enjoyed the strong support he got from his teachers at UTS Insearch
Ezra enjoyed the strong support he got from his teachers at UTS Insearch

When Ezra first left his home to study in Australia, he didn’t find it easy. “I felt homesick,” he says. “I felt like crying at the start, but I think if you get those feeling out, it starts to feel better.” Although the culture shock was challenging, the strong support he got from his teachers at UTS Insearch helped him to adjust. He says, “They give you lots of tips to help you adapt to a new country. It’s a big help. UTS Insearch helped me a lot.” It also helped to find good Indonesian food in Sydney. “It felt a bit like home."

At first, when he finished high school, Ezra had planned to go directly to UTS to study Design, but his education agent suggested he begin with a diploma of Design at UTS Insearch. For him, it turned out to be the perfect way to transition to university study in Australia.

"UTS Insearch helped me a lot, because I got a lot of new knowledge about design. It further developed my skills. I can do more stuff on the computer now and I understand software better,” he says. “Now that I’ve moved on to UTS, I feel like I have a head start amongst my group. The diploma made a big difference for me."

His hard work at UTS Insearch earnt Ezra an Outstanding Graduate award, for attaining the highest marks in his course overall. “Getting that prize is my best memory from UTS Insearch,” he says. “In my first semester, I won a Dean’s Merit award. After that, I was inspired to do more and I worked hard to win the next prize. It meant a lot to me."

Now studying for his Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication at UTS, Ezra intends to do his best to continue his success. “It feels so satisfying to move on to university,” he says. “I’m proud of my achievement so far, and I want to do well at UTS."

Ezra’s main source of inspiration is his Dad, who runs the family business, a Minimart in Surabaya. He says, “My father is a great person. He’s very hard-working, and it’s because of him that I can go to Australia and study to have the career I want. I want to be a good designer, and I want to be successful in life, but most of all, I want to be a good man like him."

The current COVID-19 restrictions have meant Ezra has a lot more time at home than usual. It’s given him the chance to use his graphic design talents to help his family. “At first my father asked me to make a logo for his bakery. Then he shared it to my family group chat and now the rest of my family want logos too. So I have a lot of projects,” he says.

Remote learning advice

Social distancing requirements have also meant a switch to Remote Learning. “I think now I’m learning more about digital work, so all I really need is my computer and it’s getting pretty good. My tip for Remote Learning is to do more than what you’re expected to do. If you do more, the teacher will see your effort and they will appreciate you for that."