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Puoysang Lor: inspired to find creative solutions to economic problems

Puoysang Lor, from Cambodia, achieved a GPA of 8.5 in the UTS Foundation Studies program in her first semester at UTS College, and is one of only three winners of this semester’s Medibank International Education Scholarship. She is proud to receive the scholarship and says that it means her hard work is paying off, but adds, “I need to keep working and improving my ability and time management.”

A pathway to Australia’s future-focused university

Puoysang chose UTS College as a pathway to UTS due to UTS’s global ranking, convenient Sydney CBD location, industry connections, technology-led learning environment and the support services available for students to help them achieve their study goals.

“After finishing my Foundation course, I will be studying a Diploma of Business,” says Puoysang. “I heard that UTS has an interesting course named Creative Intelligence and Innovation and I would like to study a Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation in the future.”

She cites her parents as her role models: “they faced a lot of circumstances on the path to become successful. That’s why I want to learn and gain knowledge to find the best solution to problems, in order to become successful.”

Finding success despite adversity

Like many countries around the world, Cambodia has also felt the economic impact of Covid-19. “This scholarship will help in my study and career goals by removing the financial barrier and make my family feel at ease,” says Puoysang. “It also encourages me to try harder and gain knowledge in order to have better grades and become successful in the future.”

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Key points

  • Puoysang Lor, from Cambodia is a winner of the Medibank International Education Scholarship
  • She chose UTS College as a pathway to UTS due to UTS’s global ranking, location, industry connections, technology-led environment and study support services
  • Puoysang completed UTS Foundation Studies at UTS College and gained direct entry into a Bachelor of Business at UTS