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A business degree can lead to these six careers

Currently studying a Bachelor of Business with a Finance major at UTS, Kym graduated from UTS College with a Diploma of Business. Getting a High Distinction in Economics during his first semester made it clear to Kym that he was on the right track. “I’ve benefited greatly,” he says. “The opportunity to grow, meet new people from different backgrounds and gain new knowledge has been invaluable.” You too can be like Kym. Read on to discover the careers you can choose with a business degree from UTS. 

If your fascination lies with forecasting market trends and using data to predict trade, exchange rates, and future economic developments, a career as an Economist could be for you. On any given day in your role as an Economist, you might conduct research, collect and analyse data, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts on topics such as inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, business cycles, energy costs, taxes, and employment levels. 

At UTS, you can major in Economics within a Bachelor of Business. The Diploma of Business at UTS College will get you there and provide 48 credit points towards your economics business degree.  

Do you have a passion for making sure financial records are accurate and taxes are paid on time? Accountants prepare financial reports and tax returns for a wide range of businesses as well as analysing, interpreting and reporting on financial matters. 

Major in Accounting and receive 48 credit points towards your UTS Bachelor of Business when you start with the Diploma of Business at UTS College. Or, if you already have undergraduate qualifications, try our Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Finance which will take you to a Master of Professional Accounting (Extension) at UTS. 

A business degree can also lead you into the field of marketing, where you’ll develop and oversee campaigns to promote products and services. If you like a role that combines creativity with analytics, a marketing career may be for you. You’ll be likely to work in companies or government agencies with other team members on all aspects of a campaign, including advertising, market research, sales and distribution, events, planning and evaluation and more.  

At UTS College, the Diploma of Business can take you straight into the second year of your UTS Bachelor of Business where you can major in International Business, Management, Marketing, or Advertising and Marketing Communication. 

Financial advice helps you meet your financial goals. A financial adviser creates a tailored strategy to help you meet your financial goals as efficiently as possible. They will provide professional advice specific to your situation, and strategies to help you create and manage your finances, whether that be saving, investing, retirement planning, budgeting or debt management. If you already have undergraduate qualifications, you can choose a Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Finance, which will take you directly to a Master of Finance (Extension) at UTS. 

Employee relations managers design programs to ensure fair treatment of employees and effective communication between employees and managers. They also manage and address workplace conflicts and strive to resolve them in a positive way. Employee Relations Managers also create and implement HR policies and procedures.  

Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resources Management can get you on your way to a career in human resources and employee relations. A Diploma of Business from UTS College will provide 48 credit points towards your UTS business degree.  

Business analysts bridge the gap between IT and the business using data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements, and deliver data-driven recommendations. They understand how data-driven changes to process, products, services, software and hardware can improve efficiencies and add value, and they do this by forecasting, budgeting and financial analysis to define business requirements. A Diploma of Business from UTS College will provide 48 credit points towards your UTS business degree, or if you already have undergraduate qualifications, a Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Finance will provide 24 credit points towards a UTS Master of Finance (Extension).  

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  • Tomorrow’s business leaders need to think differently. At UTS you’ll learn how to identify and apply solutions to complex problems – problems that don’t even exist yet. 
  • If you're interested in business, management or economics, consider a business degree

  • Thinking of starting your own business? You'll have plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities at UTS: we have Australia’s largest community of student launched start-ups.