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A communication degree can lead to these six careers

Have you always wanted to write for a living? Do you love communicating via the written word? Are you a natural writer looking to hone your creative skills? UTS bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communication can lead you to a range of interesting careers; here are six that will develop and perfect your skills as a writer and communicator. Start your journey to a communication career with UTS College’s Diploma of Communication or Graduate Certificate in Communication.

Do you dream of a career as an investigative reporter, columnist or feature writer? If your goal is to have your finger on the pulse of society, a journalism career could be for you. A Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) at UTS will develop your skills across all media and lead you on a path to print, online, or broadcast journalism covering today’s events. Join the likes of alumni that includes Hugh Jackman, and put your studies into practice by producing text, audio and video stories from breaking news to interactive features. Every semester you'll be producing stories, reports and multimedia content for your professional portfolio.

A Diploma of Communication from UTS College will set you on the right path to your UTS communication degree. 

If you are creative, and like creating written or visual content, you could thrive in a career as a social media expert. A social media manager uses both creative and technical skills to plan, implement and monitor their organisation’s social media strategy to increase brand awareness, assist PR and marketing strategies, and promote services. Social media specialists understand the impact of content and how it can connect communities and brands online.

Marvin, a graduate of both the UTS College Diploma of Communication and UTS Bachelor of Communication (Digital and Social Media), is working full-time as a Social Media Coordinator for a finance company, and credits UTS College with pointing him towards his potential. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without UTS College,” Marvin says. “I have great networking connections because of UTS and UTS College. I became a better communicator, whether it’s in my emails, texts, or body language talking in front of people.”

If postgraduate qualifications are what you are looking for, our Graduate Certificate in Communication can lead you to a Master of Media Practice and Industry at UTS, advancing your skills and employability in digital media and emerging platforms.

Do you like to influence from behind the scenes? If so, a career in public relations (PR) may be right for you. PR Specialists work to grow, shape, and maintain an organisation’s reputation and brand. PR Specialists identify media opportunities, create and maintain media relations, and promote awareness of the company via external communications, including media releases, profiles, media launches, and editorials.

A Diploma of Communication from UTS College teaches you the principles of public relations and public communication, and can lead you to a Bachelor of Communication (Strategic Communication) at UTS. Or, if postgraduate qualifications are what you are looking for, our Graduate Certificate in Communication can lead you to a Master of Media Practice and Industry at UTS, which will advance your skills and employability in a dynamic media environment, including digital media and emerging platforms.

If you prefer to write in a corporate environment and create internal and external communications that inspire, inform and educate, you might want to think about a career in corporate communications. Every day is different, and you may develop a company intranet, create web copy, write direct mail and newsletters, develop company communication plans, write speeches for senior executives and more.

Sophearith Keo is a graduate of the UTS Master of Arts in Communication Management. “Australia has an excellent education system and a UTS qualification is very well recognised, especially in media and communication,” he says. “My time at UTS was exceptional. I gained practical industry experience, and the teachers were approachable and sympathetic.”

If you’re interested in a corporate communications career, a UTS College Graduate Certificate in Communication can provide 24 credit points towards a UTS Master of Strategic Communication (Extension). Our Diploma of Communication also leads to a UTS Bachelor of Communication where you can choose to major in Strategic communication.

Do you enjoy books and magazines? Does the thought of working on the next Harry Potter excite you? Editors can work for publishing houses, individual authors, film production companies, newspapers, websites, journals and magazines. They can work in an online or print environment They plan, coordinate, and revise material for publication, review story ideas and offer suggestions for improvements. Editors can work on manuscripts from developing the concepts to structuring the chapters and editing copy.

What do Coca Cola, Apple, McDonalds and Nike all have in common? Good brand management is the answer. Brand managers are the ‘guardians’ of a company’s brand, big or small. They maintain a brand’s integrity in the market across all marketing initiatives and are responsible for brand strategy including guidelines and vision. Brand managers plan and execute brand communications across all channels, including social media and online. They create and manage promotional materials to establish and maintain product branding. While not a traditional communication role, brand managers need strong communication skills along with relevant marketing or business qualifications to succeed in their career.

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Key points​

  • If you dream of a career in TV and film production, arts, marketing and media – consider studying communication at UTS.
  • A UTS communication qualification is well-recognised by future employers thanks to our future-focused approach to learning where you will gain practical, work-ready skills while you study.
  • As a UTS communication student, you will also have access to global networking opportunities to set you up for success.