Meet Tea, UTS IT graduate. Future Project Manager

After working hard to attain a high ATAR in her HSC, Tea realised the Engineering degree she’d chosen was not for her. Having moved to Sydney from her home in Brisbane, she was feeling lost and confused, afraid to tell her parents about her change of heart. For a long time, she didn’t even tell them she had dropped out of her degree. 

Looking at her options, she decided a career in Information Technology was more suited to her interests and abilities, and her research told her that UTS was the place to study IT. But Tea had missed the final date to apply. That’s when she discovered UTS College. She says, “I found out they provide three semesters, so I could start a Diploma of IT right away. And it would count the same as first year of IT at UTS. So, I was really starting my degree.”

“Smaller classes helped with the transition to university”

Tea settled in well. “Having experienced university before joining UTS College, I appreciated the difference. Smaller classes helped with the transition to university, and once I had confidence in my academic work, I joined the Activities Club and did some volunteering too.” 
When she told her parents about her new direction, they were happy for her. She says, “They could see the change in me. They told me, ‘Your face looks brighter now’.” Finding a pathway at UTS College had restored Tea’s confidence and reconnected her with her potential. “I’m not joking, I really felt like a light came back on. When I dropped out of uni, I felt there was no hope any more. I think a lot of high school students who didn’t get the ATAR they wanted feel that way too. But what UTS College taught me, more than the diploma, is that there’s always hope.”

Tea's pathway:
Graduated from a Diploma of IT at UTS College 
Graduated from a Bachelor of Science in IT, Diploma in IT Professional Practice 
Currently working as a Support Analyst at a national retail company.

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