Meet Marvin, UTS Communication graduate. Future Social Media Manager

Marvin describes himself as a ‘train wreck’ immediately after high school. “I didn’t know what to do with my life,” he says. “I felt hollow. The HSC was a blur and it was over in a flash. When I got my ATAR, I felt dismayed. If only I could go back and tell myself that your ATAR doesn’t define you. It’s the steps you take next that ultimately define who you are and who you will become.’

“Being exposed to different mindsets and diverse cultures in the classroom challenged my own perceptions.” 

Now a UTS Bachelor of Communications graduate, working full-time as a Social Media Coordinator for a finance company, Marvin credits UTS College with pointing him back towards his potential. He says it did much more than provide a pathway to his preferred degree. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without UTS College,” he says. “I was hard-headed when I came to UTS College, but I learnt a lot. The most important thing I learnt was to be more flexible and open-minded with different ways of thinking. Being exposed to different mindsets and diverse cultures in the classroom challenged my own perceptions and encouraged me to look at problems from different angles.  This is an important skill to have in the communications and digital industry given you’re creating content for different audiences all the time.’

At UTS College, Marvin discovered that communication was his passion and now he’s grateful to be doing something he loves. “The communications industry is so vast, and I have great networking connections because of UTS and UTS College,” he says. “But it’s not just connections. I became a better communicator, whether it’s in my emails, texts, or body language talking in front of people. I’m not shy any more when public speaking. It didn’t just help me in my career. It helped me evolve as a person. UTS College changed me for the better.”

​Marvin’s pathway: 
Graduated from a Diploma of Communication at UTS College 
Graduated from a Bachelor of Communication (Digital and Social Media) 
Currently working as a Social Media Coordinator at Avvora Finance

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