Kym - Back in business

Meet Kym, Current UTS Business student. Future Finance Executive.

If Kym could time-travel back to 2018 and give his younger self some advice about ATAR angst, he’d say, “Don’t worry – your ATAR won’t stop you from pursuing what you really want. You do. You define who you are and what happens next.’ 
When he didn’t get the marks he was hoping for, Kym took a year off from study. “I was pretty anxious throughout most of my high school years. I don’t think I was ready for uni yet, so I took some time to really work on myself.” Kym had learnt about UTS College while he was still at school, so when he was ready to return to study, he knew a UTS College Diploma of Business was the pathway to his goal of studying Business at UTS. 
Getting a HD in economics during the first study period made it clear he was on the right track. “I’ve benefited greatly,” he says. “It’s developed my communication skills through multiple presentations and co-ordinating with other group members. The opportunity to grow, meet new people from different backgrounds and gain new knowledge has been invaluable.” 

“I think potential is all about pushing yourself and seeing how far you can go.” 

Kym says UTS College has helped him tap into his potential. “I’m doing something I’m interested in, which makes all the difference. I think potential is all about pushing yourself and seeing how far you can go. In the future, I’d like to be a senior executive in a big company. Maybe in finance or banking,” he says. 
“The thing I’ve learnt is that you define you. You choose who you are. No-one else does. An ATAR certainly doesn’t. Places like UTS College are here to help you get where you want to go. School can be hard, and the HSC is hard. Pathways are proof that your ATAR doesn’t make or break you. You can still reach your potential. 

Kym’s pathway:
Graduated from a Diploma of Business at UTS College
Currently studying a Bachelor of Business at UTS (Finance) 

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