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Reset your future

If your heart is set on a degree at UTS, we don’t think anything should stand in your way. Even after the extraordinary disruptions of 2020, you can still be on the path to the course you really want. UTS College, the pathway to UTS, has a proven track record of helping students to reset their future. It’s a uniquely supportive environment, where you can build your confidence and begin your university journey with skills and knowledge that will set you up for success.

Redefine how you study

We offer three flexible program options, so you can complete your diploma remotely from home at a pace that’s best for you. For a quicker but more intense workload, there’s the Standard 12-month or Accelerated 8-month program, or for a gentler pace the Extended 16-month program is great for you. It includes an Academic Communication subject to reboot your study skills.

So, it’s time to redefine how you study – will it be Standard, Accelerated or Extended?

Reconnect with support

With our help, you’ll benefit from all the support you may need to reconnect with your academic goals. One-on-one tutorials, study skills workshops, peer mentor programs and a dedicated team of Study Success Advisers – it’s all part of what we offer to help you stay on track throughout your study journey.

Frequently asked questions

Semester 3, 2020 orientation starts on 6 October with classes starting on 12 October. Semester 1, 2021 orientation starts on 1 March with classes starting on 8 March.

Australian (domestic) students are not assessed on ATAR. Entry is based on your HSC subject average which must include English and your top three non-VET subjects.

Below are the minimum HSC subject averages needed for entry into our diplomas:

  • 75% for the Accelerated (8 month) diploma
  • 67% for the Standard (12 month) diploma
  • 63% for the Extended (16 month) diploma

International student entry requirements can be viewed here.

The duration of our diplomas are 8-months (Accelerated), 12-months (Standard) and 16-months (Extended). The diploma program you undertake will be based on your HSC subject average and the pace of learning you wish to undertake. For example the 8-month Accelerated program has a slightly heavier study load and therefore requires a higher HSC subject average for entry. You can find out more on the different diploma durations here.

Australian students can apply online, or if you’d like assistance you contact one of our team on 1800 896 994 or

International students can apply through an authorised education agent.

We understand the pandemic may have disrupted HSC studies and students may not have been able to show their full potential. For students who need additional support and want to explore their study options, we will review your HSC performance and your capabilities which can be demonstrated through a 1:1 academic advisory session.

Students can arrange a time to meet with one of our academics to discuss:

  • their HSC performance
  • extra curricula interests
  • academic goals
  • career ambitions
  • your portfolio for design and architecture students

Students will also be asked to complete an Anchor assessment to identify their strengths and together with the above information an ideal study program will be recommended.

Recommendations are based individual student needs. Examples may include a reduced study load for standard diploma students plus additional modules at no additional fee and completed within the same timeframe. This will help the student gradually build their academic capabilities for tertiary studies.
Students will be invited to book a session via an online booking form. Details will be provided in advance.

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