A parent guide: secure their back up plan during exams with UTS College

If you’re wondering what to do if your child misses out on a UTS offer – don’t worry. Know that they've got options. Like UTS College. We’re another way to UTS!

We offer guaranteed entry to UTS, with most diplomas fast tracking students to the 2nd year* of their UTS degree. Your child will get 24/7 personalised support to help gain the skills needed to prepare for uni and succeed at UTS.

So, as your child sits their HSC exams, know that there are options for them. We’re here if you need us.

Don’t miss Know Your Options webinar
7 December | Online

  • Find out how UTS College guarantees entry to UTS, with most diplomas fast-tracking students to 2nd year UTS*
  • Discover how we support students to build the skills needed to succeed at UTS
  • Find out how to apply, what’s involved with FEE-HELP and much more

All of this will be covered in our Know Your Options webinar, so join us Tuesday 7 December at 6pm to learn more.

My child is looking to study...

Top 5 tips to support your child during the HSC

Sit down with your child and work out a realistic study schedule, allowing for regular study breaks.

Healthy snacks, regular exercise and a good night’s sleep is key to managing stress and retaining information during study.

Take phones, computers and gaming devices out of the study schedule and use them as rewards instead.

It’s already been a hard year for Year 12 students, so it’s important to use positive language around your child and make sure they don’t feel pressured.

Look after your own wellbeing through meditation, yoga and a healthy lifestyle. The HSC is stressful for parents, too so be sure to look after yourself, as well as your child.