Board Games Hangout

Student Event

Ground Floor Student Lounge - Blue Building 187 Thomas Street, Haymarket
Board Games Hangout

Hi, I am Quynh, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business. I have been running the Board Games Club for the last two years and it has remains one of the most popular clubs at UTS College year after year.

Our most popular game to date would be, Dungeons & Dragons, a fantasy role-playing game, focusing on teamwork, role playing and imagination! An enjoyable and fun experience for all types of people. Other top games include Catan, The Resistance, Chess, Sequence and Poker.

What’s your favourite board game? I am always keen to learn new games as well as teach new members how to play.

Why attend?

Join UTS College students, improve your critical thinking, learn new games from around the world and meet your fellow students face to face, right here on campus!

Who should join? 

Everyone is welcome! English and academic students, students in Australia and abroad. Your friends are also welcome.

When: our students will be running from the end of March onwards

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